Team AF

what video? The one with the guy doing 230 would have been 20 in my eyes. I think for the event it would need to be consecutive.


skip to 9:30



32 seconds in is the real deal

ahh gotcha, doesnt need to be consecutive in any of the events (dips or bench)


Yeah, I’m talking consecutive in one hang, one second pause in between each.

whos in this? They need more events for taller guys like dead, mile run, and bball. These events more or less favor fit shorter guys.

I can squat 232. If you count body weight.

nice stick legs, pussy.

I can do 100, elbows locked, with a 45 lb plate.

Guess i’m not as beastly as I once was. Cranked out 33 this morning after dead lifts. With some prep I think I could hit 39+.

I think most of you jokers are full of it. Either that or we have different definitions of “pull-up”. (And I’m not talking about diapers.)

When I was in boot camp, the record for MCRD San Diego was 70 pull ups. The max for the Marine PFT (Physical Fitness Test) is 20. You can do more than that, but it doesn’t count toward your score. Probably less than 1/4 of all Marines do 20 pull-ups. Probably more like 10%. And I rarely ever saw anybody do more than 30. In fact, I think the most I ever saw was 34.

I realize that there are some hardcore AFers out there. But I doubt that this many desk jockeys are really that much more fit than your average Marine.

What the hell is this shit? I do my pull-ups to almost the bottom of my neck / top of chest. These are the girliest half pull-ups I’ve ever seen.

Gotta side with Greenie here. Invariably when people talk up their pullup number when I’ve seen them repping it’s these sissy little half hops.

You even lift bro? 20 is max for score, and there are other events so people don’t do more than 20? Makes sense to me. Also, jockeying a desk makes for good recovery time and regular trips to the break room to inject the roids. Working a physically demanding job does not necessarily equal a good workout, in a lot of cases it kills your gains. Being called a joker by a humble doughboy is fine by me but the self proclaimed Ultra runner, sharp shooter, part-time ninja extraordinaire can bite me. wink

To be fair, those pull-ups would count in the Marine Corps. As long as the chin clears the bar and the elbows are extended all the way, it counts.

And you can hang from one arm and “rest” the other, just like he does in the video. You can even switch grips, from “underhand” to “overhand”, as long as the palms are both facing the same way.

And @GOAB - I’m not saying that there aren’t some hardcore desk jockeys out there. I’ve met some of them. But if you look at the population of AF, you will find that 99% of all AFers are in better shape than a “physically perfect” Marine. (I’m the 1%.) Seems extremely unlikely.

And for the record–my max on pull-ups was twelve.

If I tried to do pull-ups now, I could probably do .55. Starting at the top, I could come all the way down (that would count as .5), and could come back up about 1/10 of the way (.05). Total = .55.

Once you’ve maxed out your score, why keep going? In fact, they MAKE you get off the bar so they can move along. There are other people who need to do pull-ups.

If you want to measure your dick, do it on your own time. We have a PFT to run.

If I were administering the Marine fitness test and someone did more than 20, I’d tell him to drop down from the bar immediately and give me 100 pushups for being stupid and the pushups wouldn’t count either.