Team AF

33 is still beast mode status - they were consecutive?

I tried yesterday after a leg day at quit at 14 - fresh i may have done 3-4 more but i dont think im getting over 20

Some schools have record boards and you get major props and respect for setting a record.

Yeah I may have spoke too soon thinking I could crush the chumps in the video but I’m not that far behind them. I can completely dead hang a perfect 20 with zero kip no problem. Getting to 33 I kipped about as much as the guys in that video did.

Edit: of course they were consecutive. I do switch grip for the last 5-6. start off wide grip then switch to close.

I’m talking about the Marine PFT Greenie referenced. If someone wants to go back to the bar and knock out a record number after the test, more power too him, but doing more than you’ll get points for during the test is just plain stupid. You don’t see people in the Iron Man swimming 100 meters past the buoy because they can.

^Just FYI - Boot camp is a little different. In boot camp, they will let you go past 20, because there are awards for people with the highest PFT scores. Also true in some select schools and other special courses. (EG - in the Martial Arts school, most people get a perfect PFT. So just to stroke their own egos and promote competition, they have an “altered” version where you can score better than perfect. But it doesn’t count for anything in your official military record.)

In “the fleet”, they stop you at 20.

When I was age 18-20, my max pull-ups (AFROTC PFT) was 21. Only one or two other guys could do that. Now, I can only do 7 at the end of a StrongLifts workout, but I’ll eventually get that back up into the teens.

In those cases, you’re effectively getting something for the extra, so not stupid.

surprised Turd and destroyerofworlds are not volunteering for some team AF events.

i’m not a team guy. lone wolf for life yo.

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switch grip, as in reverse?

I’m always confused when people talk about pull ups, given the difference in grips and kips and etc. I can only do 10 or so wide grip pull ups at a time. Even my gymnast brother couldn’t do 60 back in the day

Yeah, and they do them (*I think*) every week or so as part of the camp. I think a lot of it comes down to them wanting to foster some competition and get away from the minimum required type of mentality.

Yes, otherwise known as chinups. Palms face inward.

^ Yes, that is what I meant.

forreal though look at the guys quads - he like skips leg days on purpose

overall I think it’s pretty impressive … but he proves a good point - less you work on lower body, more the upper body succeeds in pull-ups

^I agree fully. If you work only on pull-ups and forsake everything else, then you will get really good at pull ups, and really bad at everything else.