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So was at the bar a couple months ago and my friend and I had this bet in tennis. $1K to the winner. I was out of practice (10 years not practicing) and he was very out of shape. It was a legit matchup. I was doubting betting that much cash on this bet, but him being a lawyer he said there would be a $500 declination fee. My forehand blew out and was off. He won the set and the grand.

I feel like he beat me a bit in legalese and got him on a verbal agreement so far on this contract. I’m literally putting him in a legal tennis challenge cube for 100 years. haha ----

Tennis Challenge Match Contract

I hereby authorize myself to be bound by a tennis challenge match contract. This challenge can be executed at any time between the dates beginning July 1st, 2015 and ending July 1st, 2115. Any changes to the contract can be made by dual initials on the change in contract prior to signing. This agreement authorizes XXXX to challenge YYYY to a tennis match (2 out of 3 sets with a 12 point tiebreak in the 3rd) for any amount between $1,000 USD and $10,000 USD. This challenge must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the match date. A signature by YYYY takes away the ability to rescind a challenge match after a date has been set. A signature by YYYY also takes away the ability for him to decline a challenge match. A major injury to either party after a match date has been selected authorizes a re-schedule of an agreed upon date for either party. Full payment must be made to winner no later than one year after the challenge match. Installments are acceptable as long as full sum is paid before one year mark. Failure to accept a challenge match after signing this document will result in a $500 penalty for each instance.

Wait…you lost a grand to this guy making a drunk tennis bet and now you want a rematch for $1k to $10k? Can he assign this to me?

the bet in essence stems from the fact that he said I will never for my life be able to beat him in tennis. I feel I was a better junior player and am out of practice.

I hear a lot of excuses.

I would place a bet with anyone looking in the rearview mirror like this

have you ever been out of practice in a sport?

as a tennis player, yes - unlike you I would never bet on it. especially after letting a decade go by without practicing

You’re just a sore loser. You lost! And your fat mate is better at tennis than you are. Forget what you were like 10+ yrs ago, that’s no longer relevant. What is relevant is what you are like now and what you are like in the future.

I guess it is pride

pride comes in many forms, especially in that scene o_f Devils Advocate_ where at the end Al Pacino gets Keanu for pride again.

it comes in many forms

As they say in racing, you are only as good as your last race. Either dedicate the time and energy to be good and play that game for that reason, or don’t. Training just to try to win a contest is about as silly as fat girls working out for swimsuit season. If the motivation isn’t real, neither will the results be.

yeah I mean tennis was a sport I played the majority of my time on until 18. Its something I really used to like until I focused on a different work/industry for 10 years. I would only do it for fun if I wanted to train for fun, but I like playing for fun with strings attached. I’m not training to win. I will train and if its fun, I’ll execute the contract. If I don’t feel like executing the contract I am not obligated for life.

for the record, it would probably just be training in a leauge in a USTA 4.0 - 5.0 league. I used to be 4.0-4.5, but really dropped to like 2.0

I would like to play you for $10,000. Sounds like an easy win.

I walked into the dude’s law office yesterday and he rejected the contract. This is such BS … big talk in the bar but doesn’t sign when the contract hits. He said he would do a ‘handshake’ bet on anything. I said just initial any changes - lets draw down the terms. Still wouldn’t sign or initial changes. BS

What you need to do is hire a lawyer to represent your tennis contract and step this thing up, definitely make a bigger scene around the office. All of these things will work in your favor and make him look like a whiner. There was a guy named Phillip Platt on here that used to have some good representation. frown

It’s funny how seriously you are taking this contract, but by not playing tennis in 10 years and dropping to a 2.0 you aren’t taking yourself as a player seriously, at all. I mean do you even want to win or are you just puffing out your chest?

I am philip.platt

I’m in mad shape - I just need 100 hours of hitting