Test centre to be confirmed

Hi, i made cfa level 3 test appointment about 3 months ago and got confirmation email. but in the email it is indicated that the test centre is to be confirmed. today i checked online again, it is still to be confirmed.i am a bit worried that should this test centre ever be confirmed and should change to another one, which is not close to me. Does anyone encountre with the same situation and can you give me some advice? thank you!

Same here mine has actually been “to be confirmed” since the December deferral, I contacted my local society, they advised me to contact Prometric as they do all the scheduling. I submitted a request to them 2 weeks ago still no word back… by mid month I’m going to start calling every day… ridiculous

Prometric just got back to me and confirmed the location & details. In my city there was only one site originally, this one is a new one in a public library so I guess they’re adding new sites as we go… on my exam ticket there was a confirmation# and some other identification numbers like eligibility information etc… I added all that when I submitted my inquiry to prometric. Good luck hope you hear back soon.