Thank you all, this has been fun!!

Thank of you on AF for the on-going support. Bigwilly, CSK, Striker, Mo34, Hala_Madriad, PtrainerNY, bchadwick, pimp, CFA_halifax, Mr.Good.Guy, jimmylegs, and many many others (you know who you are) This has been fun!!! This past three years were very difficulty to chew through, however, you all made it more tolerate, I can always count on AFer every morning to get a good laugh!

congrats WS. Have one for me tonight!!!

WS - i was thinking the same thing when i saw you passed! I loved our lively debates and to everyone else, i’m sorry i only discovered this for the L III. its been a riot, but i’m all to pleased to bid you farewell. thanks for the help, now lets get drunk.

^^Thanks…thanks for keep me in check all this time, without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to do this and keep my sanity at the same time.

Sure AF made it more fun. Firstever forum that I felt attached. Thank you all. I learned from you…

Yes everyone thanks for everything. WS you da man. Now time to get back to work or else I’ll be a passer without a job.

Thanks guys for everything. This is the most fun I have had in a long time. I found this forum by accident in the beginning of my preparation for Level I and have been hooked ever since. Good Luck to everyone!

Where do AF-ers go after they pass/die?

It’s been a good three years lurking here. AF definitely made this whole process a lot more interactive with all of the people who share their stories and insights. But more importantly – to just have people to co-miserate with is an incredibly cathartic experience. I mean it in the nicest way when I say I’m ecstatic to never have to visit this forum again - aside for the occasional gloating and to provide encouragement to the next year of LIII candidates, naturally. Best of luck to you all.

people on this forum are great, and have helped me a lot during this last year of study cks, bigwilly, mgg, ws, mo34, volkov… everybody MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

Thanks everyone, I’m going to miss you and your offended reactions to all my off color comments!

Thank you all … especially ws, bigwilly, hiya turkiya … i really couldn’t have done this without all of you clearing up my doubts

I didn’t know about AF at L1, but it was indispensable to passing L2 and L3. One tip for the new arrivals: whenever you see a particularly cogent and insightful explanation of something on this forum, copy and paste it to a Word file to look over during your studies. I had Word file more than 30 pages long filled with wonderful posts from this forum. And I must tip my hat to Volkov, who authored about half of them.

I am going to get so tuuuuuuuuuuuuned up tonight!

Yes, thanks everyone and to everyone I ahve helped, thank you as you only helped reinforce the knowledge more by asking questions the likes of me to help. Maybe its time for the new OT forum. bigwilly11189 @ g m a i l . c o m

Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed talking to everyone here and i hope we will continue to waste our time here : ->

hey guys, as mentioned in my earlier posts this has been one of the best experiences in my entire life, thanks AF you made my CFA sooooooo pleasant special thanks to Joey, bchadwick ( you guys seriously rock) , big babbu, CSK, umm who esle ws was good, big willy was a jcakass ( like me), bostonkev, apollo, zidane and if i m missing someone its coz i am soo drunk right now BTW, does AF has a membership for life or something? coz i aint gonna let this forum go

thx all, I really enjoyed messing here, well, but I don’t think I’ll be checking posts here that often any more

Did 3 for 3 from a Latin American country where few people do CFA examinations. All your posts helped me a lot during my preparation for the exams. Thanks a lot to Bigwilly, WS, Joey, Hala_Madrid and all others.

I passed, finally. I cried. It’s been a long four years, with 2 attampts each at level 2 and level 3. I’d like to say thank you for all the help I got from this forum when I was preparing for the June exam! And best of luck to those who did not pass this time around and I believe you all can do it!