Thanks and all the best to all of you!

That’s my last post. I leave tomorrow to go to the city of my test center. I wish you all the best! Everyone who actively participated here deserves to pass this final test. This whole thing is like a marathon…the last miles really hurt. I hope that we all finish this year and nobody has to start again next year.

I’ll be back after we get our results; either to start learning again crying or to give something back to this community smiley We’ll see…

Thanks to all of you. I appreciated not being too alone while learning all this Level III stuff. For me the journey was really hard.

Cycling to the test or why do you leave tomorrow? :wink:

But all the best to you as well! Won’t post here between exam and results, but hope to have some good news then. The level III forum was extremly helpful! I learned reading questions here.

Good luck everyone!

Good luck y’all. I’m signing off because everyone here is now in a giant panic.

good luck everybody. I would have to agree that the forum becomes much less useful the last few weeks.