Thanks for deleting that thread.I will never post on WC again unless someone mentions me in thier comments.

I am really sorry for my previous thread.I will never post on WC ever again unless someone mentions me in their comments.


tigers dont change their stripes…


From what I can see its going to be a blessing for AF if you decide not to post again.


You can always ignore my posts.

Will someone please ban him, geez.

What’d I miss?

get rid of this Indian NOW!

I’m going to request the Greenman inform the rest of us what is going on. I nominate Greenman to be the forum historian.

abridged version:

-posts thread about a girl being gangraped saying she deserved it for going to cinema with a guy she met on facebook,

-people respond saying wtf

-thread gets deleted

-promises not to post of WC again


Let’s just say that RR posted something really really stupid. Even stupider than normal. And when everybody started telling him what kind of piece of shit he was, he apologized and then kept saying stupid stuff. Finally the backlash got so bad that it got nuked by the mods.

Well, to ensure balance in the universe as the S&P continues to set new highs, we need someone to set new lows as well…

this almost explains the former evil vajna avatar


Since i was mentioned in your comments i will reply:

1)1stly if a girl haves unprotected s*x with a guy knowing that the guy suffers from HIV aids…then it is “stupid” on the part of the girl.Similar in my deleted thread…the married women went to a date with unknown male friends belonging to one of the most crime prone areas of India and she got gang raped.My opinion was that if the “girl” was smart enough to cheat her husband then he should not have done the “stupidity” of going to the movies with criminals.Further research on this case has revealed that she perhaps wanted to have s*x with one man but when a group of men raped her then she lodged a police complain.I am not at all saying that if a girl consents to cheat on her husband with other individual she should be gangraped.I am just saying she should have been care ful.

According to me in this crime the rapists are 99.99% guilty.The women is .01% guilty only for her stupidity.

2)I am not at all approving of what happened to that girl.I feel really sad for her but i am very angry at her stupidity.A girl can go to the movie with who ever she wants but going to movies with criminals is asking for trouble.The rapists were criminals all their life and they will be punished hopefully.

3)This opinion of mine was taken in wrong sense by AF members and as a result i decided to not post a thread on WC AF ever again.I forgot that this is a public forum and people here are prone to be hypocrites.Perhaps they will agree with me privately but not on a public forum.

4)People on this forum have posted racist remarks.Poked fun at gods of other religion.Labelled a religion as Jihadis.I have not posted any of this stuff on AF.Perhaps it is better for me to not post on WC where people are hypocrites.

5)Now some haters will comment stuffs like a girl should be free to do what ever she wants…Why should girls take precautions???..rapists should change…But the crux of the matter is the rapists/criminals will not change…they are mentally unstable…If every individual were to act decently as it was expected from homo sapiens…then there was no need of police force.We have police force as we know that certain individuals will not act decently and cause harm to the society…Similary in rape cases precautions is better than cure…This is why Indian government is requesting girls to get training in martial arts or some form of self defence…Indian government also advices women through their ads to avoid visiting unknown places alone…always inform their parents/husband/police in advance if they feel any danger.

*I am not at all saying that rapist are innocent.Rape is one of the worst crime and i hope the rapists get the death punishment.I am just saying that girls should take little precautions.I have studied a bit of psychology and let me tell you that serial killers/rapists are mentally unstable individuals,they do crimes because they enjoy doing them.It is in best interest of civilized society to ignore them,just like we ignore mad dogs.

I never wrote this,one of AF board member edited my posts.

Boardmember:Ban me if you want but stop editing my posts for your fun like cowards!!

I think Roy deserves to be in the AF’s Hall Of Fame for Extraordinary men…:smiley:

Listen you racist a**.I have never posted racist remarks like you have.

Boardmembers are free to ban me.It won’t make even .000001% to my life.Any ways i am not going to post a thread on WC again.Along with me please ban people like Ramos4rm so that AF can proudly be free from diseases like racism.

Reading this post you can really see why India has such a problem with sexual assault. even if the woman consented to sex with one man it doesn’t mean that a gang of men can rape her.