The 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

Sorry for anyone who had Dez on their team. Out 4-6 weeks with a broke foot.

Who you gonna pick up instead?

(FYI - I’m not a FF player. Just like to comment on it when others talk about it.)

James Jones is still available in my league.

Dez’s production will not be replaced with waiver pickups.

Of course yours truly has Dez in the AF league. Pretty sure that is god punishing a Giants fan for drafting a Cowboys player…

^Part of why I don’t play fantasy football. I couldn’t draft anybody from the Eagles, Giants, or Redskins the team from Washington.

How do you root for somebody that’s your arch-rival? I can only imagine Sweep’s fantasy team - Derek Carr, Antonio Gates, and Demarius Thomas.

Although I have no Eagles, Redskins, or Cowboys on my fantasy team this year (except of Dan Bailey, but kickers don’t count), I view having players from divisional rivals as a bit of an emotional hedge.

Art Stapleton ‏@ art_stapleton31m31 minutes ago

When Hakeem Nicks broke fifth metatarsal in his right foot in May 2012, initial timetable from Giants for recovery: 12 weeks. # Dez

Well I’m in bad shape. I have Romo in a 14 team league and I never drafted a backup, thinking I would just pick up some scrub off the WW for his bye week. Then Dez goes down Week 1 and now… this. What a horribly short sighted move in such a deep league to not at least grab some insurance with a QB who gets hurt all the time.

My options are: Tyrod Taylor (whose numbers are inflated from garbage time touchdowns vs. the Patriots) or Nick Foles. Literally every other starting QB is taken. Guess I have to make a trade or just hope to tread water with Foles until (hopefully) Romo is back in 8 weeks.

^ I traded for Dez Saturday night. The good news for me is that I traded away Roddy White who only got 1 target yesterday (the bad news is I started him instead of Sammy Watkins). I hope the NFC East is bad enough that Dallas will still be in the mix the second half of the season so they don’t decide to “take their time” bringing Romo and Dez back.

Let me show my ignorance of how FF works:

Do you HAVE to have a QB on your team? That is, do you have to field a full team? Or can you just pick a bunch of position players and go with it?

What happens when you don’t have a QB?

Every league is different and can be run however the league likes, but typical setup is:

1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE

1 K

1 Team Defense

The league I’m in groups WR and TE, so you don’t have to have a TE if you don’t want. We also start only 2 WR/TE and have a Flex position which can be TE, WR or RB. I have depth at RB, so I start 3 RB’s most of the time.

Well I have Terrance WIlliams on my FF team who I thought was going to be great with Dez out. But now that Romo is injured, I am not sure. It is hard for me to imagine Weeden finding him week in and week out.

I got lucky this week and picked up TE Crockett Gilmore at the last minute for the Ravens who had a great game. He was available as a FA in a 14 team league.

Do you feel “low as a crippled cricket’s ass”?

(Thank you for that wonderful metaphor, Mr. Jones.)

On the bright side, if you took DeMarco Murray, he’s on track to break 100 yards this season.

LOL. Yeah, the Eagles rub me the wrong way so even though it sucked to see my boy Romo go down I at least go to watch *that* disaster with glee. Oh Chip Kelly…

Yeah, it was great right up until Bradford threw that garbage time TD to Matthews, followed by the PAT from Parkey, all three of whom are on my opponent’s fantasy team. I now need Chris Ivory to repeat his very atypical week 1 performance.

Too bad that Hakeem’s career never recovered after that injury.

Hop on the Ivory Train mutha fudga!

I need him to put up 13pts to win in the AF league.

ZB - yesterday was stressing me out hard. I thought you had it in the bag in the morning and I slowly made my way back into it. I’m hoping Indy’s front line finally gets their shit together and stuffs the run tonight.

Wow, just edged King Kong (112.24 vs. 110.56) on a week where Eddy Lacy scored 0.90 points for him…

To be fair, Mike Evans gave me 0 points this week…

It takes a little luck!

^ Damn. Thought I had it in the bag after Decker’s first half.