The CFA exam & physical/ physiological changes

Hiii guys, Throughout my cfa journy, which started in August 2013 I’ve been noticing the impact this beast had on my health … I’ve been on a speed truck taking level 1 in Dec and now level 2 in June

Physical changes include:

  1. Hair loss

  2. Acne during days I stay up late so long, but they fade away afterwards

And now that I’m finally done with the exam I have what I like to call the “zombie effect”, when I always feel like I may fall and pass out … The day following the exam, in the evening I suddenly felt my whole body shaking, I couldn’t stand up cuz I was sure I would fall and I was nausious … Not mentioning throwing up my lunch (sorry if I made you cringe)…

Today, two days after the exam I 'm much better but I still have that “zombie effect”… I feel light-headed and if I was laying down I cannot suddenly get up cuz I get dizzy

and I’m not the type of person who sleeps after work … But now I HAVE to sleep, my eyes shut and my body feels stiff

I read an article before that when you deprive your body from sleep for an extended period of time… Your body suffers from negative symptoms until it recovers the amount of sleep that was lost … Although, according to the article those symptoms were mainly " memory problems & attention deficits", which luckily I don’t have, I still have a theory that my body may be forcing me to sleep as a mechanism to recover… I am extremely grateful for the timing though, better now than before the exam

anyways, I can’t be the only one … Have you experienced something similar? What impact did your candidacy in the CFA program had on your physical/ physiological health …

P.S. I have no regrets … I think it’s all worth it

I gained about 10 lbs in the month leading up to the exam, and I wasn’t skinny to begin with. Diet started this morning.

i feel you on the hair loss…although that’s me.

I have mild “tril” - if i get stressed i start pulling on my hair absent mindedly, have some mild bald spots going on now, nothing super obvious thankfully.

I got herpes the day before. Have this virus in my body and it always comes out during the stress times.

that’s horrible … Maybe you could direct your attention to something els, try to bite your nails instead =D Not a sound advice, but it causes less damage

I don’t know why my hair was falling… Stress? I’ll get myself some supplements … Have some damage control to do before L3 (assuming I’ll pass)

I managed to actually lose around 25lbs during the entire preparation process for L2. I knew that it was either gain 25lbs or lose it, so I chose to stay motivated towards the latter.

I hope nobody takes this the wrong way but I suggest some of you guys see somebody. There’s always been a stigma to mental health but it’s a good thing. This is some extreme stuff that some of you have mentioned and it’s not normal.

What happened ot me during the CFA includes a lack of sleep and thats it. I stayed social, worked out(Extrememly important), and was eating very healthy food.

I also have the mentality of, if I fail who cares. CFA never made a person.

I went from being 94Kgs to around 80 Kgs in the span of two months and I think my eyesight has worsened too. but that was mainly due to excessive heat this past month, my family were shocked to see me

gained about 15 lbs. too much study junk food

I definitely can relate to the acne

Acne +1

acne +1

I have developed what I call “The CFA Belly”

Started working out from yesterday to get rid of it…:slight_smile:

I feel like my life is full or resolution…

I’ve trained my body to require physical exercise, so the last month I was at the gym for at least 3-4 days out of the week. Physical exercise not only helps you keep your weight down, but stimulates your body to produce more energy and hormonal activity.

Woke up after a 7 hour sleep and my beard had not grown. Pretty weird since I have a thick one. Seems my brain could not handle information processing and producing growth hormones at the same time! Scary. Happened on 3 occasions. Even corpses are known to exhibit nails and hair growth.

Physically I remained constant bc I used the gym as my break. I think, perhaps with the exception of the week or two weeks before if you dont take time off, you can still take a two hour break and go to the gym. Mentally, i became a cynic and my sense of humour matured dramatically (this will revert back to its normal self in a month). The biggest factor that effected me was stress. I noticed my sex drive went down and i had a hard time sleeping.

Post CFA i feel like a free man - life is good. You realize how much time in the day you actually have and if you use that time strategically you can accomplish a lot.

strong first post



No fingernails left. Now i have to kick this habit of biting my nails

In the last year and a half from studying for L1 to taking L2 I have:

Lost atleast 10 lbs of muscle

Gained atleast 5 lbs of fat

Look like crap overall

Become mentally stronger, in addition to teetering on insanity

Only time will tell if this is worth it

I cn relate to gaining weight out of Stress eating ! On Sunday i was worried about how am i gonna fit into my trousers on monday after a two weeks leave !