The luis guys thread

Anyone know what happened to that thread that the luis guy made on here about getting into investment banking. It was the guy who was on deal breaker, everyone made fun of him because of his website advertising himself etc. Wasn’t bad if you ask me, but you gotta be careful, wall street types love jumping all over that sort of thing. Anyway, another reason Iw as interested is because his website doesnt work anymore, and there was this photo of him on it that had this cool poo brown porsche in it. Im wondering what kind of porsche it was, looks like a classic vintage one, anyone know? Otherwise, why delete the thread??

that was real?? I thought that was a joke.

wow this is serious… look at his CV thanks google cache! “” The fact that I am always confident is well appreciated by my friends, who sometimes argue about how crazy my next goal is or how calm I stay the day before my Derivatives exam."" Derivatives exam. mind-blowing.

I found the brown porsche 4th picture.

iteracom Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I found the brown porsche > > 4th picture. > > it looks like an early 70’s 911

this guy is 21? DOUCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE •Advanced skills in Texas Instruments calculators: BA II Plus (fixed income) and TI-89 Titanium (equities/derivatives).

The weird thing is that he listed previous internship experience. What sort of resume did he submit for those jobs?

This guy is the biggest douche ever. I would never ever hire this loser

He’s like the Spanish Aleksey Vayner.

He stated he has a “Driving License and own vehicle”. This guy is an A+ player

That Google cache thing is interesting. Even if someone takes his page off, people can still find the funny stuff.

what’s up with people making websites so they can call themselves ‘Founder and CEO’? is it just me or is that arrogant and inflating? the people i know who have legit businesses either call themselves the owner, president, or principal.

I once saw a resume similar to that of Luis that included, “Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors” of a sh!tty website.

I think President is ok. CEO & chairman is definitely messed up though… haha

he was a ‘‘motivational’’ speaker at age 18…brilliant.

I find the website banner at the top with just half of his head showing to be one of the funniest/most pretentious parts of the whole spectacle. The guy is so in love with himself… he reminds me of that CNBC commercial.

Well the great man himself posted here on AF, and I want to know why his post was removed!!???

misuse of CFA marks? I am committed to pass the 3 levels and obtain the right to use the CFA denomination. Furthermore, I meticulously adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

It’s a denomination, like Evangelical, Baptist-Anabaptist. More importantly, he knows about the word “meticulous.”

WSO has a pretty long flame thread going: