The Masters

Who’s excited? I want Tiger to take that shit home and then make a speech about how awesome it is to bang Lindsey Vaughn.

Yes, I want Tiger to win the next 10 majors in a row. Can’t wait for the Masters, fantastic tournament.

I can’t stand watching golf. It ranks right up there with Olympic boxing and curling.

However, a lot of people say the same thing about International soccer and the English Premier League.

I’m not a fan of Tiger, but I like his chances. I am a fan of Rory, but I fear he is the next David Duval.

For some reason, its really easy to project yourself onto Tiger. So, if Tiger wins the tournament and bangs Lindsay, we’re like “F yeah!” I think it’s because Tiger has no personality, no definable ethnicity, and no defining characteristics other than being really good at golf. So he is like a blank slate and you can imagine yourself as him. If it’s some other guy, like Lance Armstrong or Lebron, people are like “screw you asshole”.

I think tiger has a lot of lance armstrong in him. He’s a bit of an arrogant dick isn’t he?

^^Why does everybody hate on Lebron? I think it’s a lot easier to hate Jordan, and everybody seems to love him.

Masters is the official kick-off for spring…can’t wait

Because of The Decision. Probably the worst PR move for any professional athelete in recent memory.

Can’t come soon enough.

I don’t see Phil making a deep run this year. Tiger, definitely. Can’t stand Rory’s attitude and loved his epic choke at Augusta. Win consistenly first, dude.

I’d rather watch ice melt then this joke of a sport called ‘golf’

I guess it’s a rich white man’s sport for a reason… (PS Tiger Oreo Woods doesn’t count)

Who are some golf HCB’s I can google?

At least you gotta respect it for the compensation. Phil and Tiger are the best compensated athletes on the planet. BSDs.

I will never understand that. They consistently feature on the annual top10 paid atheletes lists. Most of the money coming from ‘endorsements’

Mickelson’s main sponsor is KPMG. I am assuming they expect Phil to pitch for them when he is out with his CEOs buddies play an afternoon round of golf, right?

KPMG is paying to have their name appear on Phil’s hat and bag so all the golf fans in the world can see it. He probably makes a brief appearance at a couple of partner’s meetings per year and in their tent at events, but I’d be shocked if he’s actively referring them business.

On one hand, you have to respect Tiger or similar people for becoming the best in the world at golf. That takes tremendous effort and focus. On the other hand, it’s reasonable to question why the world values the ability to put a little ball into a little whole with a metal club.

That goes for all sports, not just golf. At least with golf and tennis though, most professionals have to earn their money every week by performing. A-Rod will “earn” $29MM this year and will probably not even take the field.

I’m pumped for the Masters. I went to a practice round last year, and if you’ve never been the place is spectacular. TV does not do it justice. I could only imagine how loud the back nine was when Tiger was making a charge. If you’re a fan of golf you owe it to yourself to go.

Tiger will probably make a run at it, Lindsey Vaughn is ugly, and a European will probably take home the green jacket.

“Ugly” is hardly the word I would choose. But I definitely think the other chick on the US ski team was way hotter. Just can’t remember her name.

Natalie Gulbis seems to be the highest profile, she’s done FHM, SI, etc.