The most important new car released in 2017

“In other words, the new Camry is even more practical than its predecessors, which in recent memory skated by on reputation and loyalty. They didn’t have to have a great interior, they didn’t have to be great to drive, they didn’t have to look that good, and they certainly didn’t need to lead the pack in critical opinion. Scores of customers just didn’t care and/or didn’t know what they were missing. Well, something really has changed, because the 2018 does have a great interior, it is great to drive, it does look good, and this critical opinion states that if it isn’t THE class leader, well, it’s bound to be on the podium.”

Of course, it’s the 2018 Toyota Camry. So, this might actually be the best midsize car now? Who would have thought…

Wow that does look nice.


Looks pretty good.

Pricing ~$30k for a decent trim. In that range there is some stiff competition. Looks great though and that fuel economy is very nice.

not bad not bad

I still think the 2018 ES looks much classier. Base price only slightly higher at $38.9K

then theres the LC 500…

View Photo Gallery | 31 Photos 2018 Lexus Lc500 Front Bumper

1. Just look at it: By far, the best feature of the new Lexus LC is its design. It has exotic car looks for less than $100K. The coupe’s profile is very low, with a long hood and sexy roofline. Its rear is one of its best features thanks to wide fenders and unique three-dimensional LED taillights. The front end features Lexus’ signature spindle-shaped grille, but pay close attention to the LED projector headlights, which sit far back near the fenders. Pretty trick! Inside is a modern interior with first-rate cabin materials, gorgeous seats, and an LFA-adopted instrument cluster that’ll make you smile every time you get behind the wheel. In its segment, the LC goes up against cars like the 6-Series and S-Class coupe. Put them all next to each other, though, and there’s no question which one will turn the most heads.

Front end styling reminds me of a 2014 Subaru Legacy.

Lexus front end of those look horrible to me, would never consider one

whats everyone’s thought on genesis. they dropped the hyundai name. lol

I would rather go with a Mazda for like $10k less, great fuel economy, looks good, handles well. 2018 version is supposed to get a HP boost with new fuel ignition technology that will also improve fuel efficiency.

saw one in the wild yesterday. sexy beast, had to do a double take.

Mazda6 can easily go into the $30k range as well. Plus Toyota is very generous in standard features - their base safety package is a big deal. It doesn’t make the news, because lane assist and cameras are boring, but it is becoming a major differentiator for their products. 2018 Camry’s 4 cylinder engine is rated as more powerful and over 10% more efficient than Mazda 6. I like Mazda too, but their car has been leapfrogged.

you gonna try to fake it with a gensis?

Never been a Toyota fan. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just never drew my attention. The world could do without the asshats that drive Prii though.

They didn’t just drop it. They’re spinning Genesis off into a luxury line, like Lexus is to Toyota. That said, I’m not impressed. There’s a lot of competition in their price range, and nothing on the spec sheet seems particularly impressive. The only one I’ve driven, though, was the 2014 2.0 turbo, which was a hoot for a 4 cylinder.

^ For the price of that G90 you could buy a Porsche.

I’m holding out for the Model 3.

But what would it cost to buy a comparably equipped Porsche?