The offical turd prediction scorecard thread

0/11 right now…gotta get on the board somehow…whats the best you got

Tfw you log on and you’re woke af

The random feuds with Turd would be way funnier if every time he makes a prediction it is quoted here

Actually, the truth gets suppressed so we just never know it was correct.

tanks for suggestion will lok further, please advice

Feb 2016 Turd predicts DJT will be president

Verdict: CORRECT

Jan 2017 Turd predicts violent clashes between citizens based on political ideology in the next year.

Verdict: CORRECT

Really? You predicted that some wacko leftists would clash with some wacko neocons?

Tell us more, Nostradamus!!!

(I will give you props on the president thing.)


1/12 - congrats on getting on the board Turd



I can predict turds with pinpoint accuracy thanks to a high fiber diet and generous servings of coffee :sunglasses:

uh no, unless you know for certain this won’t happen. this one’s still open.

Predicted he’d be on a flight getting into the country at some point between jan. 5 - jan. 8 at the place described in that link.

Verdict: closed.

PREDICTION - Jason Witten will have a better 2018 season than Gronk.

VERDICT: Most likely true. Gronk has definitely lost a step, and Brady is on the wrong side of 40. And as Brady goes, so goes the Gronk. In fact, I’ll be surprised if he’s even in a Patriots uniform one year from today.

Disinformation is necessary in the intelligence game. It’s difficult to distinguish sometimes, but movement on JA did happen. He has been issued a passport, reportedly heading to Switzerland, if not already there. It’s an imperfect science, but stick with me and you’ll get to the truth quicker than the sleepers watching MSM.


Ok, so Julian Assange currently either in Switzerland, or en route and moving there. Time until confirmed/denied - End of day Jan 10 (a non stop flight from London to Geneva taking about 1.5 hours).

And based on your track record I think it’s safe and reasonable to assume that anything you say is disinformation/false/pointing anyone reading it in the wrong direction.

stamp that baby birdman

Did we count this one in the total?

timelines are meaningless on the international intrigue stage. they happen when they happen.

Two Weeks ago: Turd predicted he is great.

Verdict: true.