The Official "Calling It" Thread 2008

It will be interesting to see how people’s own feelings and predictions match up to actual results. Loads of people are negative, but have probably made it. Is it possible to be certain you’ve passed but still fail? And will the split of the “don’t knows” be exactly 50/50… Let’s find out. Please add PASS, FAIL or a genuine DON’T KNOW to this thread and then compare in August… I’ll start: PASS


I know, Chris, I’m well set up for a fall…makes life more interesting!

PASS for two reasons: 1. I estimated 66-67% correct during the exam even though I’ve seen more of my share of wrong answers on this board so far. 2. Felt the same way as Level 1 last year. I’m not 100% confident mind you, probably 60/40, but all of the negativity on this board makes me feel more comfortable with my pick.

FAIL. My strengths did not overcome my weaknesses. I would be surprised if somehow I got over the hump…

PASS Barely. . . think I got 67% as well. (Hope that is good enough). Good Luck.

DON’T KNOW It’s going to be close…probably more on the side of failing, though.

FAIL, i didnt study much at all (see prior threads)

Pass. hope so

DON’T KNOW. i go back and forth every minute, i passed no i failed, i must have passed… i really don’t know. 55 - 45 leaning towards pass but again i really don’t know.

Don’t know - 50/50 for me.


i think i passed although i’m remembering more and more wrong ones. i have no confidence though in ethics as a tie-breaker. BTW, is there somewhere to get a better ethics summary next year? i feel CFAI and schweser are both very lacking. obviously CFA has the material, but i found it hard to find some stuff a second time in it.

Don’t Know. hehe, i’m with the 67% crew, I think its fair to say that that is your peak on the distribution (65%-69%). Just hope I’m 0.1% to the right of the cutoff.


PASS, I studied too much to fail.

I dont think I did enough on the day … I made some stupid mistakes FAIL

PASS Luckily, I know almost with certainty this time.

51/50, on borderline, but can’t identify more wrong ones now.