The Official RIP Thread. RIP to....

…Stephen Hawking. Passed today at age 76.

Claim: “Stephen Hawking passed today.”

Verdict: FALSE

Stephen Hawking died in 2001 and has been reliving Weekend At Bernie’s on a remote wheelchair for the past 18 years per his last wishes. Turd Knows.

haha I love fact check

hes always right … errr or is he a she?

claim: fact check is a hot blonde

verdict: so you’re telling me there’s a chance

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It’s pretty amazing that he lived until 76 with his condition.

Yeah. He accomplished a lot in his condition.

can’t they just turn him off and back on again?

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RIP though… SH is a legend forever and ever.

clone with no free will. his ‘voice’ is AI controlled by other entities to subtly misinform. :bulb:

…that was part of the agreement in exchange for his weekend at bernie’s last wish.


thats what i was saying - bravo the modern medicine



100% how that would go turd

RIP to Toys R Us.


thx god shoulda died sooner. i remember i used to love that place, until i realized that their video games were overpriced!

For the last 10yrs he was a just a corporate-left propaganda puppet, they keyed it in, his voice box spouted it out.

Merely a more legit version of their Nye “science guy.”

So, Hawking’s final work dealt with detecting the multi-verse. How 'bout them apples? Since many of you suffer the need to have an ‘expert’ spoonfeed you everything, I guess now you can finally admit there’s likely more to reality than you can perceive.

Has anyone really been debating this? It’s not unanimous within the scientific community, but the multiverse theory is generally accepted.

right but nobody wants to explore what that means about reality and our current perceptions because things get too whacky. So we have an inability to think consistently if the multiverse theory is generally accepted but we refuse to think outside of what we can sense with our 3D perceptions. Further, the tools to perceive in other dimensions have been developed over millennia by spiritual practitioners but they are summarily dismissed by the ‘scientific’ community, which is severe cognitive dissonance. the future is a grand unification of these ways of perceiving and understanding reality.

You know, Turd, if you weren’t such a crackpot, I’d be on board with your thought process more often.

Yea I’m crazy. You know…we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy. Dude was hittin Heidi Klum, an all time HCB, so you gotta believe there’s some truth there.