The single, the most astonishing thing that you have witnessed in finance

20% of listed US companies make barely enough to cover interest payments and a lot of people are talking about a new cyclical upswing. That’s pretty astonishing.

This is a very interesting fact, actually.

And that’s with rates artificially low. Imagine if they raise the rates. Then more of these combos cos will be around

Is it even possible to raise the rates in this current situation? Even countries f.ex Italy have so much debt that raising rates would lead to crazy times! Quite the quagmire.

It’s not possible. The U.S. is in the final stretch before financial collapse and debt restructuring. There’s no going back; you can see the people in DC don’t even care anymore.

Just print until the end.

I agree, we have arrived at the end. But it isn’t due to Fed expansionary policy — unfortunately, we can pinpoint that Society passed away on July 15, 2021. On this date, it slipped away peacefully (if somewhat ignominiously), attributable to a post by one “Nerdyblop” on the industry website, where the question was dubiously raised by the poster as to whether a clip-on tie was ever acceptable in a business setting. Society passed immediately. It is survived by pockets of people with differing talents, all scrambling to find meaning and scratch out some kind of existence on this shockingly tiny and inadequate planet. Donations can be made in Society’s name to finer men’s haberdashers worldwide.


Imo there are two things they have to do. Print money and keep rates low. And raise taxes to improve debt position and keep people from ditching the currency. Lastly they need to normalize clip on ties made of italian silk

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how does this compare to the norm? Seems like it could be an interesting fact, or just the base rate of a dynamic company with successes and failures

5% in the beginning of 2000’s, 10% at 2010 and then 20-25% in 2021.

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