The ultimate challenge

Hello people… I am appearing for the CFA level 2 exam this time and I am in quite a situation. I have only completed 4 and 1/2 session till now out of 18. I am going to be on a vacation from Job till the exam. Will have to go in for a day or two to the office in between but not full days. I want to use this post to put my journey through these days here. I know I am kind of fighting a very tough battle but I think I have not yet lost the battle. So guy if you have some tips tricks let me know. I am using the Schweser series to prepare for the exam. I plan to do one test . If I do end up passing the exam I will save a year but if I dont I will regret putting my vacation time for the exam. But I guess the pain of putting my vacation time for the exam will motivate me to pass. I plan to update this post daily with my progress. Thanks. Rohit Good luck to me.


My loving secret sauce - I hold her dearly at nights as I try to absorb its knowledge as I sleep…

Keep me posted, this will get amusing, I’ll take him going insane 3 days before the exam at 2 to 1 odds.

Well if you have experience in this industry then it would definitely help you out. Passing the exam would not be walk in a park but its not impossible either. Good luck mate!

If the pain of losing your vacation is your main motivation for passing this exam, you might as well save the vacation time and start studying for 2009. My pain has been sacrificing every minute of my free time since the day L1 results came out (Jan 23rd) so that I will not have to go through this sh!!t again next year. Edit: / Thanks for the vote of confidence.

McLeod is a lock. No pain for you!

@Black Swan: I take the challenge: Target for today (or should I say tonight, its 12.29am): Session 9 Reading 34 Reading 35 (half) I will make complete time table and post it here some time tomorrow.

why does the word “Beleron” come to mind when I read this … good luck mate…

I’m actually in a similar situation. I’ve only covered 5 1/2 sessions so far… but fortunately, I’m on leave from work right now. I think it’s possible, but having a masters in this stuff definitely helps. The biggest battle at this point is the motivation. Keep your head in it man… if you can focus for the whole day and think of nothing else, you can pull it off as long as you’re familiar with most of this issues.

Rohit, 1) Work based on topic weights …start with FSA+CF; Equity, Ethics, FI, PM and (Qnt, Deriv &Econ) 2) Find the “regular visitors” - or in other words highly testable topics/readings (eg. FSA : Temp & All-C", Pension ) 3) Overlapping items - eg. CAPM, RI, DIV discount model & its variance. etc. 4) Take as many practice tests as possible… What you do… a) Like AFers said use Secret sauce to quickly complete the SS / Reading in less than an hour. b) Skim thru the schweser notes and read only if you don’t understand it from SSauce. c) Do the concept checker /end of chapter questions d) Take schw-Pro Qbank questions on those… e) Keep building your formula sheet …and go over that every day with Ssauce Now… you can easily complete 2 SS a day by just doing the above, but how do you retain the material thru’ the exam day…? So you need to work more Qbank qns. and keep progressively adding the StudySessions as you progress. Meaning first start with FSA and do the Qbank on FSA, then move to CF and do QBank on FSA+CF, then FSA+CF+Equity…etc. If you still hv issues with something, come back to the SSession, read only that portion of the text and make your own Flashcard / or update Formula sheet with. Its doable, given all the free hours you have … 12 productive hours of study a day * 18days… thatz way more than 200 hours… its easy man…go for it.,712106 Make sure you are rock solid on this list.

^ do you honestly believe someone can do 12hrs of productive studying??? I have done a quick read through all the material and now going through secret sauce and doing Question bank item sets…finding it extremely hard to even get good 5 hrs of studying done yet alone 12hrs. Although after doing questions today and getting owned by them I think I might need to really bump up the hours of studying to 8 minimum if I want to have a chance of passing this bad boy.

Reading is one thing Retention is a whole other animal…Don’t be like me and waste your time on reading…I am changing strategy and going for practice since reading has not done much for me…

y not man, lot of us here slog on weekends for more than 8 hrs. and he is all going to do only for another 18 days. SSauce & Skimming the text will take like 2 hrs, then he will do some serious prac test for 4 hrs - thatz 6 hrs productive spent on 1 SS… since a good portion of it is from L1 he will be motivated…

what the hell is this secret sauce business everyone’s talking about?

as v.raghavan I am finding a good portion is repeat of level 1. Does any one have an estimate on how much material is repeat from Level 1 in FSA (I find FSA the most difficult section of all)

Ok, I can’t hold it back any longer, this is retarded and all you clowns that p#ssed away the past couple months thinking this is level 1 are f#cking retarded as well. I love how god damn morons who haven’t even gone through the harder half of the material always tell each other what is and isn’t possible like they have any clue then turn around and ask what secret sauce is. I thought this was the LI’ers trying to get me back at first and I hope it is cause this is just rediculous.

Uuuu… The Black Swan is annoyed… How dare you, guys? How dare you?..

rohitdoshi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > as v.raghavan I am finding a good portion is > repeat of level 1. Does any one have an estimate > on how much material is repeat from Level 1 in FSA > (I find FSA the most difficult section of all) An estimate…hmm…let’s see…how about 0?