The USA is a terrorist state

Killing foreign generals without declaring a war, my oh my!!

Threatening to destroy culturally significant sites, baby tell me why??

Violating territorial sovereignity of allied nations, oh america are you really sincere, maybe the day has come for you to disappear?

America fears someone telling the truth:

You don’t rhyme as good as Nery bro, sorry.

With all due respect, America didn’t do that; Donald Trump did it.

Although he was elected president, he certainly doesn’t speak for all of the American people. Sadly, we’re stuck with him for the moment.

its kind of funny that iran is vowing vengeance reminds me of a machiavelli quote.

“Upon this, one has to remark that men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.”

us is prolly looking for a just cause to annihalte them.

Last I checked he was elected and leads the nation, tax payers funded both the assets and the operational costs of the strike, the intel came to him through the the Pentagon and the actual individuals pulling the trigger were US employees.

It doesn’t end there. As POTUS Obama directly ordered 542 drone strikes that killing an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians. This isn’t a Trump thing, this is an America thing, whatever cognitive dissonance makes you feel better though.

President Trump is doing a great job. Glad we finally have a commander-in-chief with as much knowledge about the military as he has. 10/10 will vote for again. #MAGA #KAG

None of which suggests that he speaks for all American people.

It’s not a matter of cognitive dissonance, but I applaud your effort at trying to undermine what you mistakenly think my position is.

Line one and three from the OP specifically refer to the drone strikes. So if the point was mistaken then you made it poorly. Your words “With all due respect, America didn’t do that; Donald Trump did it” can only be construed to apply to the whole since no qualification was offered. The fact is he did not “do” the drone strike any more than America did.

If you’re singling out the middle line about twitter threats in some “he’s not MY president” point regarding the elected official leading the nation, then yes, the USA also did that. Directly or otherwise.

My point is that while the president officially represents the US internationally, that doesn’t mean that what he does represents the will of all of the American people, nor even a majority of them. It appears that he’s doing a lot of stupid things.

As much as the magnitude of this seems larger than past, the fact is the prior administration was ordering drone strikes like they were happy meals. It’s so hard to keep track of the will of the American people. We can all sit around and debate this instance but the veracity of the quote lies in the broader picture of how the US handles foreign policy and that really does not change from one admin to the next as much as people seem to want to believe.

Remind me again, why did Trump blow up this fool?

i don’t think you’ll like the Trump family dynasty.

Should there be one, God forbid, I’m sure of it.

You’re missing the key point: the prior president seemed like such a nice guy.

Still seems that way, in fact.

My take:

The protests in Iran which took place around a month ago were primarily carried out by the lower middle class who were/are getting crushed by the shifty economy.Killing of Soleimani and the sense of losing their soverignity managed to win over the same income bracket group who were in the streets a month ago.

The protests in Iraq (Also a month ago) which were due to goverment corruption and influence of Iran in Iraq was also begining to polarize shiites in the region.Whatever happened few days ago united these two “poles” of Shiite muslims together with Ayatollah Sistani (The pope of Iraq Shites) calling Soleimani a martyr and getting closer to Iran.

Last but not the least,the leftie elite types in Iran somehow started supporting whatever cause Soleimani was following after Trumps tweets about cultural bombing cultural sites.

The only positive thing I see in all this is maybe the Iranian Government are more willing to sit down with Trump (or at least not retaliate) given how unpredictable he shows himself to be.

iran is in a weird position. if they do something, the us might destroy them. if they dont do anything. they’ll look like a pussy and they’re own people might revolt.

if i was them. id find some allies. join a gang or something.

Meh, appearances. I’m not saying Obama was a bad guy or that I wouldn’t love to have a beer or three with him I’m just saying from a foreign policy perspective the facts stand.

I agree from a regional politics standpoint, this puts Iran in a very complex situation in which it’s tough to make the right move. But SCB makes extremely valid points about how this has significantly unified the country domestically.

And I was just kidding.

As you say, the facts stand.

Ah that’s my bad.