The USA is a terrorist state

To be honest I think it unified Iraq & Iran too.The Iraqi Shiites were getting really angry with Iran and now they are unified.

I don’t think the ppl would revolt if they don’t do anything.I personally think the people kinda understand that to do anything that would count as proportional would mean an all out war. However I also think:

  1. The regime is guaranteed another 10 years of “legitimacy” if not more. People are much more united and Anti West.
  2. Very likely that Iran would increase its military ties with China & Russia.
  3. The “revenge” also kinda happened. The unification of shiite muslims at least for 5,6 years and the hatred against the west.

I was hoping they wouldn’t escalate like this.Damn

they are going to take their government back.

ugh why didnt Q Anon predict this?

Relax children. No war. Ceremonial strike to save face. Little damage. No casualties.

…and Q did post about this exactly a year ago. Looking glass is real.

I agree.

Even if we did have a war, we have Donald Trump as our President. There’s not a man or woman on earth that’s more qualified to lead the most powerful nation in the world into war than him. Everyone needs to relax. Peace is coming for all.


“Michael Cohen was one of many lawyers who represented me (unfortunately). He had other clients also. He was just disbarred by the State Supreme Court for lying & fraud. He did bad things unrelated to Trump. He is lying in order to reduce his prison time. Using Crooked’s lawyer!” - President Trump


Add Israel, Saudi Arabia and American evangelicals, then the picture is complete.

US gov feels a bit like Bush 2 years. It has been taken over by evangelical christians who WANT a holy war against moslems (and chinese) and killing as many of them is no matter. They are buttressed by the pro-Israel advisors, consultants, and other trouble makers. Bringing up the rear are the defense companies and the Saudis, each promoting their narrow agendas.

And in the middle a feckless, weak, uninformed, leadership challenged president who is easily influenced. Iran is our biggest enemy? We contained Russia for 50 years. North Korea even longer.

Iran’s parliament passed a bill designating the Department of Defense a terrorist organization. This would appear to be an accurate descriptor.

TERRORIST: unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims [NOAD]

I see people already using the foreseeable excuse that “Trump is not the United States.”

Summary of the last three years: the US launched a global war without provocation (vs China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, roughly in that order). Nazi expansionism and global terrorism.

If this goes wrong, Trump is their fall guy. “Well that wasn’t us, it was all ONE guy. Hitler took over and we couldn’t stop him.” Yeah right. It also explains why, strategically, the corporate media (an arm of the state) still pretends to be against Trump. Oh, and the poor people (Trump voters) will also be tossed under the bus, “the racists made us do it.”

No, there is only one United States, and this is them.

You all are projecting your emotions on something that hasn’t happened. Listen again children: no war.

Full control means full control. Relax and enjoy the show.

watch this clip

so the situation (iran) uses proxies to try and ruin ronnie’s relationship.

ronnie (usa) tackles the situation in response.

the situation gets all crazy and smashes stuff and keeps trying to antagonize ronnie.

but their housemates (other nations), are keeping them away from actually hitting each other.

the situation antagonizes ronnie by saying you want to hit me bro.

anyways if the jersey shore is any indicator, the us will just mad dog iran.

You are watching a movie. Are you enjoying the show? World Peace is here.

Trump’s an athiest so he doesn’t care about a “holy” war. Blowing bad guys up does raise approval rating though, and that’s something Trump needs since this is an election year.

And I think you’re mixing up evangelicals with fundamentalists. Evangelicals sway their arms in the are and throw money at Joel Osteen. They just want their McDonalds, not a war. Fundamentalists are a different matter but their a tiny portion of the population and most of them still don’t want war. They were just forced to wear women’s clothing by their mothers and became one degree below a serial killer. Tough on Twitter, not outside.