The Vasectomy Support Thread

All right, I’ve got to share. Being dad of two kids has been by far the best experience of my life. Even after considering the single or DINK life you give up when become a parent, the positives are 10x better IMO. That said, I’d jump off a bridge if I had another baby.

Wifey is in charge of birth control, but she sometimes misses her daily pill. She knows that I’m done with kids and she’s OK with that too. Although when I bring the subject of doing something permanent, she says: “you do something; I already had more than my fair share of medical procedures”. So, since even in the hypothetical event I split with her some time in the future, I wouldn’t have another kid. The procedure is said to be very safe in nature and with no side effects most of the time. While rare, exceptions include chronic pain in your b@lls or somewhere around there, decrease on s3xual drive, among others.

Obviously the rational choice is to go for a vasectomy with a top dr. vasectomizer and call it a day; however it’s hard think clearly when your balls are on the line. So, should I just put my b@lls on a bin and hope for no side effects, or keep taking my chances? I would add that I can’t stand needles.

Any input is appreciated.

As a supporter of your campaign for AF board, I am disappointed by your weak stance on the crucial issue of male surgical contraception. How can we have a board representative who does not have a strong opinion on whether or not men should keep their vas deferens tubes intact? Candidate MILF Hunter would never flip flop on such an important issue. Although… I haven’t seen him in a while. I’m starting to question what he is doing with my campaign contribution. I should have known something was amiss when he kept mentioning his favorite “gentlemen’s club” and insisted that I pay him in single dollar bills.

Ask your dentist to x-ray you a couple of hundred times without the lead apron. No pain and no more little swimmers. Probably cheaper too.

My friend Boris says you should not bother with the “overpriced” treatment at a urologist’s office. According to him, “discount wellness shops” like his are the future of outpatient surgical procedures. He uses a lot of bleach on his instruments. Supposedly, this means that it is completely hygienic. Anyway, if you are interested, you can email him: He says not to include the word “viagra” in the email subject, as he might miscategorize your email as part of what he calls the “mass advertisement email business”, which he operates on the side. Also, he has a van, so if you are not free to go to his office, he can come to your house.

As a post-op individual I will give you the pros and cons-- Pros: -you can shoot away with impunity wherever you like -as in the case of Mrs. Turd Fergeson, the female libido is vastly increased when they don’t have to take the pill -no ill effects in volume and intensity of the glue shot -no unintended 18-25 years of unfunded future liabilities Cons: -can’t put a baby in wifey when she inevitably gets bored with life when all kids are in school full time; dog or adoption is an alternative -can’t put a baby in trade-up wifey after you make it big; successful operation reversal is less than 50% -if you’re squeemish like me you will not like the procedure. when i asked doc what that smell was and he responded “do you really want to know?” I almost passed out. my advice is to noodle on it for a good 6 months.

Not offering an opinion, but the climax of Michael Lewis’s “Home Game” has a VERY entertaining few pages on this very subject. Not a great book, but definitely worth reading if this is a topic of conversation in your home.

Cleveland: “Sex is pointless without potantcy.” Quagmire: "That’s right. You take the venom out of a cobra and what do you got? You got a… a belt. "

I am in your exact position. I’m anti-vasectomy just in case I have to father more children for the sake of the human race. And I don’t want anyone to cut my balls open.

lol, I know right? this V* thing is impairing my judgment. BTW I saw Boris’ windowless white van parked in front of my office. He already solved my backlog of “problems”, but I think someone else hired him too. Damn it, Jcole had a nice option and now because of censorship it’s lost. I like Higgs’ approach, too. At least the new AF format allowed my b@lls to have their own mailbox. Maybe I’m already a member of the Board and that’s one of the perks.

WAS I CENSORED??? That was genius and from the heart… Very disappointing.

Ok, so wifey is due with no #2 early December & I will be there too. Just get it done and get on with happy families If you really can’t face it, just finish off with a money shot each time or use the ahem, Back Office…

my post of “putt in the butt” was deleted…fine but do i get to keep the AF points?

It is painful for several days but no pain after that. No decrease in volume or “s3xual drive” or anything like that, although you do have to abstain for a couple of weeks, which is no fun. It’s nice to not have to worry about birth control anymore though. Just be sure you’re ready. I scheduled an appointment and chickened out once, not because I was afraid of the pain or whatever, because I wasn’t 100% on the decision.

Bump. Thanks for sharing, Turd.

I’ll have to catch up on this in my own time. I’m in class today.

Interesting reading my old post considering I’ve since had a vasectomy. Having multiple kids really changes your perspective.

There was actually another thread I was thinking of where I detailed my experience. It didn’t go so well for me. I had some pretty intense pain for about a week.

Does your wife plan to discontinue taking the pill? Women who have been taking the pill for a solid decade then go off of it can change pretty significantly. Just something to think about.

I missed the original thread but this is one of the better AF responses I’ve seen. +1

What do you mean “change significantly”? Meaning an increase in libido and decrease in weight? Yes, please!!!

I dated a woman recently that put a birth control implant in her arm. It lasts for 3 years.

You should google it and talk to your wife about it. At least that is not permanent.

At this moment in my life, I can never see myself going for a vasectomy.