The vote is rigged!!

Yup, it’s true.

The vote is rigged because of nonsense like “registering to vote”. You are a United States citizen, then just go vote. Why would there be an additional non-required step called “registering”? Because, the vote is rigged.

Dropping mad insight again I see. We are just so blessed by your analyst abilities…

A simple Google search would have revealed the following. You are required to register so a determination can be made that you are qualified by age, a citizen, not a convict, etc… If this was determined at the voting booths, the lines would be massive. Should the process be more efficient? Sure. Is there massive rigging going on? Doubtful.

Yes, the “registering to vote” scam.

Also, the electoral college.

Also, “the polls”.

It is a made up “requirement”.

Just chill man.

pa my man, ciroc on the rocks and chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil.

So’s every other requirement for everything.

Singling out this one is just silly, and not remotely analytical.

The President is the only elected office that all US citizens can vote for, assuming they are of legal age and not a felon serving a sentence.

For all other offices - senators, representatives, mayors, councilmen, state assemblies - only sub-portions of the population are eligible to cast votes for particular locations.

If we only had to elect a president, then showing up to any poll to vote would be conceivable, but even in this case their might be problems, because of the principle of secret ballots. Therefore, you cannot connect something like your taxpayer ID to your specific vote. At best, you can associate a taxpayer ID to an accounting of whether you have already voted or not. Therefore you need to register at a polling location so that you can be checked off as having voted or not, but not have your vote attached to your name or ID number.

If you didn’t register at a polling location, then a person might show up and vote at several polling locations, and cast more than one vote for the same office and skew the result. Or - alternately - someone else might show up with your ID number, and therefore your vote would likely be nullified because both votes would have to be thrown out because no one would know which vote was really yours, or if you had voted twice.

I live in New York City. If I didn’t like the Governor of Texas, I can’t just fly to Texas on election day and vote for the governor there, or sentators, or anything else. I am only allowed to vote for people who represent my district and state and ward and city. In order to know which people I am eligible to vote for, I need to register so that I get the right ballot with the right people on it for my location. And I need to provide some kind of proof that I am eligible to vote for these people (like a utility bill or something).

If we had a proportional representation system, that might make national offices open to all citizen votes, but you would still need some proof to show which local offices your vote is eligible for.

So if we did away with registering to vote, there would be all sorts of problems opening up. I could vote for people in districts I have never lived in and never will and determine who runs local governments of other people.

Basic reasoning skills, dude.

Notice how you don’t “register to pay taxes”, and can do so from your couch using the internet…there are no problems with the USG accomplishing that. Why? Because they want your money, but they don’t want your vote.

Basic reasoning skills. enlightened

You register to pay taxes when you apply for your social security number.

Because there are about 100,000 IRS employees to see that you do so. Would you prefer the government hire 100,000 employees to collect votes?

Alphie- the reason you could never earn the Charter is becoming abundantly clear…


Directly implied; because getting my money is more important than getting my vote.

So yes, the system is rigged…as the Trumpers say.

You won’t think it’s so funny when the Trumpers storm your house and do unmentionable things. #hello laugh

Once again, you’ve confused “a plausible interpretation” with “the only possible answer that excludes all others.”

You need to work on basic reasoning skills.

Oh there’s no question that there is an intention to make voting difficult, to hold back voters, especially certain voters (depends on state and if it’s red/blue). You always take these naive positions, you can’t possible be that “dream world” can you??

Anyhow, my point is the Trumpers should have hired my consulting firm. My case is so much less laughable than their “the vote is rigged, because dead people are voting”. But I guess Drumpf is not appealing to a logical audience. The vote is rigged, but not in that way.

There are ways to rig the vote, and some of it may involve playing with the registration process to make sure your opponents’ voters are not on the rolls on election day, but registration itself is a valid process and not eo ipso proof of rigging.

You may have noticed that you need to register for a tax id number in order to pay your taxes.

You can vote at home on your couch too. It’s called an absentee ballot and/or early voting.

So your argument doesn’t hold:

  • You can vote on your couch, you can pay taxes on your couch.
  • You have to register to vote, you have to register for a tax ID number so they know your taxes are collected.

There is a difference:

  • You can be put in jail if you don’t pay your taxes. You can’t be punished for not voting (or for voting, provide you don’t submit multiple ballots in ths same election)

So how would voting work if you ran things PA? Please be specific.

^Specificity is not his strong suit.

We’re still waiting to hear what positions he has that will make him a billionaire once the US economy collapses.

^ He obviously doesn’t want AFers duplicating his positions and drawing unwanted attention to them. Providing specifics on how voting would work doesn’t impact him, so I fully expect him to enlighten us.

Irrelevant, because individual humans do no “run things”.

First , a group of humans need to realize there is a problem and accurately define it (the Trumpers have not done this, because they lack basic reasoning skills). Second comes putting the smart people in the room and fixing it. We haven’t even reached the first stage, there will probably need to be a revolution before anything changes. Realistically a revolution does happen, and things do change, because the current path is unsustainable. At that point likely changes would be…

  1. eliminate the electoral college, unnecessary, 2) eliminate “registering to vote”, unnecessary, 3) eliminate physical voting, unnecessary. There is a database, it has a list of every social security number, next to that is your vote. Two columns, preserved for forever, result calculated in 1 second. Easy, done.

I think PA’s idea is that you get a computer to submit to the authorities how you would have voted if you were rational and not just a “dumb American”. This removes the need for actual voting entirely and simply chooses the leader that the computer says reflects how it models your self-interest.

Easy peazy. You then get mailed an “I voted” sticker along with your W-2 forms. The sticker might even tell you who you voted for, which is always interesting to know.

Oh, and since your social security number is connected to your vote. You can be sent to special education programme if your vote lines up with the wrong candidate. It’s the internet age, why should votes be cast by secret ballot? And who needs a paper trail (admittedly, plenty of other people think paper trails are unnecessary in the age of Putingate).