The wait is just killing me!

I don’t think i have waited that much for anything in my life. It’s just a day left and all my efforts to keep myself distracted are now in vain. My mind keeps wandering about what my result will be like. It is so hard to concentrate on anything right now. Oh God!

Wow…right after the exam I was certain to have failed. The more time passed, the less certain about failure I became. Hope has betrayed me - what had been clear became blury. Certain to be really disappointed by the results…

that’s me bro

may the odds forever be in our favor

Did not think about the results until yesterday… I am not able to concentrate a bit since morning… Have been trying to facebook, twitter and linkedin at work but all distractions are failing… dont ask me about work coz there is none… I have no clue how my paper went and what to expect since i am a marketing student… lets hope for the best.

Wish you all the best luck.

I have been thinking about the results since last week tuesday…i am literally counting down the hours…I wanna get it over and done with but again i am so nervous!! when i got out of the exam I was not sure…then i went through a phase of maybe…just maybe…then i went through a phase of yup…i passed back to nope…back to maybe…and now I dont know…All i can do is hope and Pray that this time a round i made it…

All the best to all of you!!

Why is time going so slow…WHY???

Lets hope for the best. Best of luck everyone.

Fingers crossed guys!

Tomorrow by now we should know the result… indecision

not quite - if you’ve read past years posts - it takes hours for all the emails to go out.

Never got mine before 10am.

Ahhh, man, I am anxious. frown


any last guesses on expected MPS?

i know its futile but still…

wait is killing me 2…

In exactly 24hrs I will know 9am ET is about 4Pm CAT…I really NEED a bottle of wine to calm the nerves…and make time move faster…

I’ve gone through like 50 different phases. When I walked out of the exam I surprisingly felt like I had a chance of passing. For the first couple weeks I remained this way then the downhill spiral of defeat kicked in. I figured there is no way, then I’d make myself believe “well, you felt confident then, why not anymore?” … that’d last about a day and I’d have less hope then the day before. Now I have finally come to the conclusion that I am screwed. I am praying tomorrow somehow goes in my favour.

The wait is KILLING me.

This has been my trajectory to the “T”. Trying my absolute hardest to put myself in the mindset to genuinely anticipate a band 9 or 10 fail - hopefully soften the blow as much as possible.

good luck everyone!

take a deep breath and just remember life has so much more to offer, don’t focus on a tiny dot!

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Britney Spears wrote a song just for the CFA Results -

"You drive me crazy

I just can’t sleep

I’m so excited, I’m in too deep

Crazy, but it feels alright

Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night"

This is my 2nd time taking the CFA Level 1 Exam. I received a score band of lvl 10 the first time. I studied a lot more than last time, I HOPE it served me well!

FYI - Last time I got my results at around 6:45 AM PST.

Good luck!

Thank you. Like some of your responses/comments a lot!