The world better prepare for when I'm a billionaire! Lotto at $1b! What would you do!

Cash value at 565m

After tax value at 280m.

what would you do!

Put it all in double-levered ETFs.


Private jet, penthouse, race cars, women…

The first thing you should do is nothing. Put it in some stable investment for a year and don’t touch it. You don’t know how to live with that much money, so you should adjust to it slowly.

Second, develop some kind of income plan that will draw from your assets while maintaining value over inflation. I don’t know about you, but at that point, capital appreciation will not be that important for me.

Third, figure out what you want to do with your life, since working for a salaried job would be unnecessary, and just sitting at the beach will get boring. I think I would like to be involved in some kind of non-governmental work, like helping wild bears or something.

I’d consider making the right connections so I could run for President of the United States someday.

Keep $5M and try to do some good with the rest.

First thing to do is not tell anyone that you won the lotto. I think I would disappear and turn off my phone for a few weeks. Travel for a while then buy a farm to live on most of the year and a couple vacation homes for holidays. Help out everyone who ever helped me. Then will 90% of it to charity because I don’t want my kids to be snowflakes.

First thing I’d do:


if i won right now, this is what id do.

280m net after taxes!

id set aside 10% for myself. or 30m in an ultra safe bank with good rates 2% that is pretty liquid. it’ll generate 50k/mo, which i will spend on my day to day activities.

id create a hedge fund and i will be its first client! and put remaining 90% in it, or 250m.

I’ll rent out a high rise condo in either miami or las vegas to serve as office and residence. must be near the best club. i already like vegas but i might be down for miami, cuz i like beaches as well.

i’ll spend 1% of aum to grow and manage the business. so about 3m/year.

I will withdraw 4% per year, from my investments. so about 10m/year. i will then spend this money to be like dan bilzerian so basically a lot of retarded crap to get me and my friends laid with super hot chicks.

if u keep compounding at 40% that will be like trillion in 10 years

I’d find a way to preserve it and grow it at maybe 3% a year… I would continue working for a period of time (not at my current job). There is a certain amount of knowledge I’d like to have before I die, so I’d work in specific roles to improve my less knowledgeable areas.

Two chicks at the same time.

Lol. Oh yeah!

Office Space covered this best…

thats it? That’s all you’d do? Two chicks at the same time?

Damn straight, man. I’ve always wanted to do that. I figure if I were a millionaire, I could hook that up. Chicks dig guys with money.

I’d probably start off by not touching it for 6-12 months…just to get used to the idea of having a hit load of money. Then the would be divided equally with my siblings and we would all quit our day jobs. Finally we would launch the most conservative hedge-fund known to man with just us siblings being the clients/owners/partners and all investments would be index funds and real-estate and some bonds.

From there on out, our full-time job would be taking care of the $250m and trying to educate and raise our future generations so that they won’t blow of the nest egg in coke and hookers.

personally, i would hire my family. but i would not split or even give each a million a piece. for example, id make my bro head of security, or my sis is my cpa accountant, i will pay them more than their old job, but i will find a way to make them more productive and put them in places where i need a person’s trust. the person who knows how to compound the most should retain control of everything so that money is maximized.

there was a bible parable where 3 dudes were given sum money by their master.

1st dude invested the money, and made more, he was praised a lot for succeeding.

2nd dude invested the money, and lost money, he was still praised for trying.

3rd dude buried the moned and return everything back, the master killed him for not utilizing the money.

i am of the same opinion. money that does nothing is a sad waste. we must use money to always try to make the world a better place! keeping excess cash is a sin and you shall burn for your waste!

on a side note, i believe that accumulatin gmoney is very important at the start, but at some point when you get sooo rich, you should focus on reproduction so you can have many heirs and hopefully 1 of them has the very best traits necessary to win!

Buy a BMW X6 with all the gadgets available (including doors and windows of course). Damn… I love that

A 300m2 luxury flat in Lima.

A flat in Miami / NY

A flat in Paris

Would quit my job and hire myself as portfolio manager of my own money lol.

Would grab the gf and start traveling to each city known by google.

Would do this only from interest income of course.

After 6m - 1yr of stupid “little” expenses would create a foundation that offers free education for talented young, medical aid and finance and investment advise for low-income citizens. You know, help the nation.

$1.6B gross

would get this with my name on it