The World's Sexiest Women & Sexiest Men

ok on a lighter note after rahul troll embarassed himself…

The World’s Sexiest Women Are From Brazil, Sexiest Men Are From (Surprise!) Australia







where are the czech women???

Why do we, women, insist on frying ourselves on the beach like rotisserie chickens?!?

Careful posting this stuff. There may be potential criminals on this forum who may get uncontrollably aroused. Then all the stupid people could fall victim.

…I just couldn’t help it.

Ha ha ha. I like your analogy.

I was visiting the UK a decade ago and I remember turning to the BSD 10 yrs US Treasury Notes trader asking him why I haven’t seen one attractive woman since I arrived in the UK and it’s been 6 days. He answered nonchalantly (but confidently) that the Anglo saxon race isn’t known for its physical beauty. I was too young to appreciate his words of wisdom. I have no clue about Australia or Scotland, but the UK, US and english Canada have mediocre talent at best.

Okay, the below list has some serious flaws.

Cmon, how many guys who have been to both the Philippines and Korea/Japan, would say Philippines women are more attractive? They are plump with big guts, bad skin, uneducated, and sorta unevolved looking. NE Asian chicks are just plain hot.

And Russian?? Australian with the 3rd highest obesity rate in the world? Brittish LOL?? Get real.

Brazillian is maybe the only entry that makes sense.

  1. Canadian 9. South African 8. Bulgarian 7. Australian 6. Spanish 5. Filipina 4. British 3. Colombian 2. Russian 1. Brazilian

The idea itself to create a list like that has some serious flaws.

The sexiest nationalities for men: 10. Dutch 9. Canadian 8. Brazilian 7. Irish 6. American 5. Spanish 4. Scottish3. British 2. Italian 1. Australian

Add Norwegian, Swedish, Israeli and South African.

I am fine with the general idea.

Quickly scanned the list, no Lebanese women.

They know nothing.

Where my negroes at?

The list is stupid, they can’t make a list for race without people getting offended so do it by nationality instead. “American”,“Australian”, “British”, cover such a wide variety of people.

^ Yeah, I was laughing at Lea’s South African, she’s obv never been there.

Edit : Just to clarify i mean South Africans are so racially diverse and different even among the negros that grouping everyone under ‘South African’ is quite strange.


Italian women are second to none, i dont need a list to tell me that.

Based on Lea’s list, it’s safe to assume she meant to say “South African white guys”.

^ lol, particularly the “northern italy”


In which case she has horrible taste :wink:

How about Lebanon or Turkey? Or anywhere in the Mediterranean is it.

Lebanese women are second to none. Beirut is second to none.

Their jumbo shawarmas…fuck.

southern Italian men are so obnoxious to women I don’t care if they are good looking or not.