Supposed to help focus etc.

Not really brotha. Did a lot of work with clinical trials and research in my past life and Theanine was much better for calming you the heck down. You might have better luck with Huperzine A + Vinpocetin. Huperzine is the real winner – it inhibits the same enzyme which Alzheimer’s drugs inhibit (which is suggested to lead to memory loss).

I take it every day with 200mg of caffeine. The l-theanine helps get rid of the crappy side-effects of caffiene – sweating, anxiety, etc. Doesn’t have a huge impact, but it does feel like it helps reduce the caffeine buzz without reducing the enhanced focus.

Turd takes one week off and the opioid epidemic explodes on AF. His contribution was truly undervalued by the sheeple.

So is theanine similar to a beta blocker? I took 300mg with 300mg caffeine and was productive


Don’t take drugs.

L theanine is meant to calm you down. If you want to use it to help you focus then you also need caffeine with it. Caffeine will make you focus, and the L theanine negates the effects of the extra energy you get from caffeine…

^ Don’t do that.

I did not notice much of an effect with the 300mg caffeine/300mg theanine. Will probably just stick to coffee.

I just looked at the bottle of caffeine pills I take and this last one I got has theanine in it. It does seem to dampen the effects of pure caffeine, which kind of sucks. I never got the jitters or sweats so I’d like to get the energy too instead of just “increased focus.” It’s better than nothings, but I’ll switch back to just caffeine next time.

why are you taking caffeine pills?

Because the only thing more disgusting than coffee is tea and I can’t find a more efficient way to get caffeine into my system.

go caffeine free mate, you won’t regret it

You don’t like coffee?

Quit an extremely safe drug that makes me more productive? Nah. I’m good.

At the risk of sounding like Turd, that was what I thought a few years ago but the improvement in over all energy levels and productiveness since I quit is night and day

Igor, back me up bro.

agree with all this. also my sleep is amazing.

I had bad withdrawal for about a month but since then I am glad I made the choice to quit coffee.

I get amazing sleep thanks to other drugs I consume.

Better living through chemistry.

There is no problem with consuming coffee or caffeine for that matter. However, caffeine has a half-life of 6 hours, so if you take in around 1 PM it will stick around in your system until 10 PM or so and that, of course, can interrupt sleep. I just don’t take any caffeine after 2 PM.