This is shocking to me

Just heard someone talking about this on the news. Talk about the ultimate hypocrisy??

CvM, what’s your ruling on this matter?

A lot of black people are religious, and so oppose guy on guy and hot girl on girl action. Black people are a big reason why Proposition 8 passed in California. More than 70% of black people voted in favor, while it was close to 50/50 for most other races.

I keep getting censored when I comment on gays. We don’t like them. I don’t know anyone gay other than whiteys.

^nough said. End of thread.

Not sure religion explains the entire story. If that was the case then Indians/muslims and Asians would be anti-g@y too, but the article clearly states it’s only an issue with blacks.

There’s a whole slang term attributed to African-Americans about how many don’t approve of and deal with homosexual sex:

Cause if they legalize gay marriage bruthas will have no incentive to go to prison.

so wrong, but so funny


This poses a difficult problem for the Democrat electorate. How can they pander to both their Black constituents and their gay constituents?

Easy greenman - just keep it on the down low.

The same way the Dems have always done, by not really doing anything to help black people meaningfully. Foodstamps + affirmative action + inner city funding.

The gays aren’t gonna pick a fight with homies over this. Homies aren’t going to suddenly start voting republican over this either. So no democrats are are gonna lose their jobs over this.

Now that we’re gonna have gay marriage I also think we should start fighting for polygamy. I might actually consider getting married then If I’m allowed to have a few wives.

On paper polygamy seems like it should be an easy win. It’s got Biblical Old Testament precident (and even endorsement), some global level of participation, and even some minority constituants within the US. Unfortunately women don’t want to downscale divorce settlements.

Problem is there is no vocal minority supporting polygamy. So, it’s just ignored. For gay marriage, all the gays in San Francisco and beyond go to the streets and protest. For polygamy, who will be the banner carrier? Mormons?

You’re right, we need to get more involved.

I think if we had polygamy we’d have fewer divorces. Society actually seems to think that men should stop wanting to sleep with younger hotter women. It’s unrealistic. We throw out our first wives like bathwater because society makes us, not because we want to.

Polygamy is only feasible if you’re capable of convincing many women to marry you. For most, that is not realistic, hence no support. Plus, if we have polygamy, then alpha males would dominate, leaving nothing for the rest of us.

I remember listening to DMX as a kid when he talked about jail thinking he was full blown homo

It’s not gay if it happens in prison.