Are ties pointless? I think yes. Waste of money, time to put on and clean. Not forgetting to mention uncomfortable.


I sometimes feel more “professional” when I’m wearing a tie. It’s also a fun accessory. It takes me about 30 seconds to put on a tie – I guess all the years I spent on the sell-side made me pretty efficient at tying a knot – so, not a huge inconvenience for me.

It’s only pointless if your tying a four-in-hand (simple) knot.

BSDs go full windsor.

What about buttoned collars with ties? Or how about going suit w/no tie like a bawss?

I don’t like wearing coats OR ties. If I can go the rest of my life wearing short-sleeved shirts, I will.

FTR - short-sleeves with a tie looks retarded.

You mean unbuttoned collars?

I thought that was the IT uniform?

Anyway I love wearing a good suit. Not the same level as Barney in HIMYM but I do like it, as long as it all fits correctly. Plus b*tches tent to like a good looking guy in suit.

I used to wear a tie every day to school. It was one of those traditional schools with British influence. Also, it was an all boy’s school. Come to think of it, that kind of sucked.

I do the tie thing daily. not bad, you get fast at it

If you go half or full windsor you don’t have to button your collar.

I’d like to know who owns a knit tie. That’ll tell me a lot…

^So do you untie your tie every day, and tie it back the next day?

When I had a job that required a tie, I just left them tied.

^ it’s bad for your ties if you leave them tied 100% of the time. I went to a school like ohai for a while, so I could tie my own tie in 1st grade. Not quite a normal life skill at that age but whatever.

I used to wear a tie everyday. I’m a fan of the full windsor and untie after each wearing. I don’t like knots that are not symmetrical.

I wear whatever I want to work now. Easier to do if you’re generating alpha and profits. When and if my performance starts to suffer, I’m throwing back on the suit and tie. People say they don’t care about this stuff but it’s just human psychology to react to visuals.

By the way, on the topic of individual helmets – I’m thinking about asking the same consumer analyst who I suggested play “dress up” on Halloween bring a helmet next time. Might mention that to a few other sell-side analysts who are trying to get our votes. What do you guys think? I believe there will be takers.

excluding uni, i’ve worn a tie every weekday since i was 5 so I’ve made my peace with it.

Short sleeved shirts are for mormons

BSDs do not go full windsor.

I mean many things are unnecessary, why wear shoes with shoelaces? if you can just wear flip flops or slip-ons.

why bother with button-up shirts if you can just wear t shirt (with buttons printed on it).

why bother with zipper on the pants, if you can just wear elastic band ones… and the list goes on.

I think it’s a slippery slope, if you start not wearing a tie to work, you will start not wearing a shirt, then you start wearing jeans, and then you wear sneakers instead of black shoes… and there is no more work attire!

Honestly, men look 100x better 100% of the time with a suit - why don’t you want to make yourself look smarter everyday??

it depends on what you do of course, if you don’t see clients, do not work in a professional environment, or you are your own boss, sure you can wear whatever you want.

but let’s be honest, wearing a suit and tie is the least one can do to contribute to overall enjoyment for going to work.

imagine men stop wearing suits to work, i have no idea what they will show up wearing (and i have a feeling that men who refuse to wear ties and suits are the worst dressers).

This is a bold-faced lie.

An ugly, ill fitting, and/or poorly timed suit can be pretty bad, depending upon the situation.

But I wear a suit to work most days. I also like the suit with no tie look, from time to time.

I disagree. Putin wears a full windsor.

But the mormon comment made me laugh. Agree fully.

That is how i know who really runs the show. If i come in a meeting and some one is in jeans, most likely that peson either is a decision maker or such a bad ass, you better impress him/her anyway