"TikTok raises national security concerns"


“the lawmakers questioned TikTok’s data-collection practices and whether the app adheres to censorship rules directed by the Chinese government that could limit what U.S. users see. TikTok, which provides users a feed of short videos, has become wildly popular among teenagers worldwide.”

Chinese might be stealing your dance videos, watch out.

tiktok is lit. and even though the chinese are the enemy. its so cool.

Ok, I’ve heard people mention TikTok about 20 times this week. Sure enough my daughter is on it so she showed it to me last night. I guess I’m getting old, but it seems pretty worthless. It’s like Vine and Music.ly had a baby.

lots of hot chicks right? anyways its concerning i feel like most of the posts are definite jailbait.

He’s just joking NSA, he’s just joking!

I was wondering when this was going to surface. Kind of ridiculous that basically all US social media companies are banned in China, but most from China operate here just fine. Seems like a pretty asymmetric relationship.

i think we should allow them to operate. but we just need to tax them similar to what the france is doing to google. i dont like outright bans!

US internet companies can go to China whenever they want - they just need to agree to surrender all information and significant control to the Chinese government. So I guess it’s not necessarily a double standard. It just means a Chinese owned company is probably giving your information to China.


Be Gone Thots! Go Away!

I guess this is the world we live in now.

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Good. Now, we just need to find hot chicks, record them doing dumb shit, and we get rich right?


Damn, it really happened :frowning:



He seems nice.

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looked up on wiki

“As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be US$12 million (£9 million).”


Dram alert just did an expose on what a liar that dude is.

I am troubled that the topic of conversation went from a super hot chick to… a dude??

A gross dude! May I add!