Time Off

I managed to convince my boss to give me a week off despite the fact that it’s year end - and before I throw a dart at a map of the world I thought I might as well ask you guys if any of you would recommend somewhere Probably won’t be going as far as the US this time and I’ve been to a lot of the european cities but that was interrailing… if Brianr sees this - I’m behaving this year, I’m sticking to less than 30 days off :wink:

how bout my bedroom ?

greece is pretty fun if you haven’t been - - it is an easy flight over there for you

Istanbul is awesome, could hit it up on the way to Greece. Also, depending on how you’r motorcycle lessons are coming along you could rent a motorcycle and circumnavigate the coast of Sardonia, incredibly scenic.

Greece and Istanbul are cold at this time of the year, i heard snow coming in a couple days. Starting in April, yes, you’ll have a great time there. I’d go to South America, my friends just came from Peru and they said they loved it.

Agree with itstoohot that South America is a great destination, but probably too long of a trip from Europe for just a week off. I went to Morocco several years ago and loved it.

KarenC Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > if Brianr sees this - I’m behaving this year, I’m > sticking to less than 30 days off :wink: Haha, a week off in January and you hope to be < 30 for the year? We shall see lass, we shall see. :wink:

I highly recommend Buenos Aires, went there in November.

Are u gonna do solo backpacking?

I did always want to go to Athens - good call guys…was thinking Rome/Florence as well last night. South America is a bit far for one week, would do it for two no problem. Have been to Istanbul a few years ago so greece is looking like a strong contender now! Nope not backpacking, just blowing off some steam with a few friends. Brianr - I also have a week off in Feb for a cooking course… I’ll behave later in the year :slight_smile:

I went to Florence some months ago - the city is amazing, really beautiful and the campaign around really great…anyway quite cold for the moment (but sunny) The Eastern countries (e.g Prague) might be a good bet. Paul

I loved Budapest but I bet it’s damn chilly this time of year.

what about the west midlands?

Well considering I live in Ireland, a hot climate isn’t exactly something I’m used to. I would be mainly looking for somewhere interesting enough to capture my attention for a whole week, hence maybe moving to another city within the week. I have never been to Florence or Nice and I have only ever spent one day in Barcelona. I have to say though the best idea here so far was greece. I have visited prague twice and have also been to budapest :slight_smile:

I still say motorcyle around Sardinia.

Totally agree on Buenos Aires. Went there in Nov and was an unforgettable experience.

I like the idea of Turkey, but since that’s been suggested, how about Egypt? Have you done your Pyramids lately?

Hi KarenC, I have just come back from Morrocco after 2 weeks there and it is amazing but not relaxing. BTW, I am Irish myself and returning to Dublin after finishing my MBA in Madrid at IE. I had an interview with N_B Stockbrokers but got dinged. Seems like Dublin is a bust - this has been my only interview though have registered with half dozen rec firms. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. I REALLY dont want to go to London. Anyway if you go to Morrocco make sure you go to a village caled Chefchaouen - paradise. Does this constitute as a highjacked thread? If so, apologies.

Hmmm I did only spend a few days in Cairo but I did get out to giza to go down the pyramids that time…hmmm looking at this I have travelled quite a bit before The places I really want to see i’d want at least two weeks - thailand and russia. Oh well :frowning: Morrocco has been brought up quite a bit - will look into that! Diablo - best bet is going to a few agencies, send me a mail at karenccfa@live.ie and i’ll ref you to one good one working with CFAs and seem to know what they’re talking about. Ah it’s not a bust, heard of a job with Daveys going a while back but most seem to be for the older crowd.

KarenC Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Well considering I live in Ireland, a hot climate > isn’t exactly something I’m used to. New York City is pretty cold this time of year.