Weekend plans, SOUND OFF.

Driving to Philadelphia, seeing Of Monsters and Men Saturday at a free outdoor show, then Sigur Ros Sunday. Lots of partying in between.

Fri: art show with gf.

Sat: boring finance and house stuff, xfit, roof deck drink, monsters and men show, you know

Sun: boring house stuff, xfit, sleep, shakespear in the park or visit fam in princeton

I think I will go see Batman…

+1 on the Batman

My boy told me about an italian place that sells wine at store cost and just charges $8 corkage (no cheap bottles though), I think I’ll hit that up.

Leaving early today to play golf too

Yo, wanna meet up Saturday?

you guys all have lives…damn it

Didn’t know you were a Sigur Ros fan BS. They put on a great show.

Nah, thanks. I like to protect my anonymity on here. Should be a good time though.

Yep, drove the whole way to Boston to see them back in like 06 or 07 (from Philadelphia). Love it. Love the indie scene in general.


I’ve been on a big bon iver kick lately. “bon iver, bon iver”=such a chill album

Best show I’ve ever seen was Animal Collective at the House of Blues in Vegas. Highly recommend them if you get a chance.

Nice, you live out near vegas or just visiting?

I can listen to like one song of them mixed in with other stuff. Can’t imagine seeing a whole set of theirs.

No, just out partying. I try to make it to Vegas once or twice a year.

i envy all of you

Same dude. We should coordinate, what area are you from?

It’s amazing, one of the best shows you’ll ever see. They do a ton of visual stuff with their set that makes for a freaking amazing show. A couple years ago a friend and I calculated that I’d seen probably nearly 1000 sets played in my life (opener + main =2 sets) and I’d rank Sigur Ros as VERY close to the top of the list.

Probably hitting up the gun range tonight - not quite sure what I’ll shoot yet

A massage in the afternoon tomorrow and then drinking and board games with some buddies at night.

Sunday morning golf and then either a long bike ride or drinking during the olympics - haven’t decided yet.