To Sue or Not to Sue?

Would you sue an ex-girlfriend/wife/husband?

I see you are off your meds again.

ha. you didn’t answer the question.

For what, exactly?

Depends on what she did to you. For instance, got you pregnant and left you with the racist baby kangaroo and only your trusty guide horse for company.

If we share offsprings then no…if not ill sue the hell outa dat b***

Aside from suing for divorce, I’m not sure it’s legal to sue your spouse. I remember a case of a trash-truck driver hitting his wife’s car. The wife tried to sue the trash company, but it was thrown out on the grounds a wife couldn’t sue her husband. Too easy to commit fraud I suppose.

Ex-girlfriend? Fair game.

If her actions caused harm to me alone…then no… but if they affect my parents/other loved ones…then yes.

My ex-girlfriend of 5 years dumped me 3 weeks before the L2 exam this year. I wish I could sue her for f***ing up my brain during the final month of studying haha.

Depends, what did she do?

wow 5 years is a long time…sux

YES I would sue that B…


Where is blake when you need him?

he’s busy talking to lawyers

I’ll fill in. Since you’re in NYC, don’t sue. You would’ve had a case in FL.


Depends, who did she do?

Haha. +1

Absolutely. Suing is what Americans do best

Sue her for making you dinner every night and getting you fat. Sue her for restricting you reproductive options. Sue her back rent for the nights that she spent at your place. Sue Sue SUE!