To those who passed Level 3

Can I ask, did you know or have a strong feeling that you had passed before getting results? Is there anyone who was surprised they passed given their performance on the day?

I was really surprised to fail the exam last year, b/c I somehow screwed up the AM part. I really think that the outcome is much more unpredictable than people tend to believe.

Yeah I would have to think the AM is the curveball that surprises a lot of people. I know in at least one of the prior AM papers I did (2012 I want to say), I took it and thought I did quite well. Upon grading it… I did not. Would have needed a very good PM to save me.

I thought I did really well on the a.m. session last year… got absolutely destroyed by it. I thought I did really poor on the p.m. session last year… actually had a pretty strong performance. I was fairly certain I failed… much to my surprise, I passed.

Thanks for your responses. It certainly does seem that with level 3 it’s much more unpredictable. I don’t think I did badly, but don’t feel it went really either. In fact with the AM section who the hell ever knows! The wait is killing me…just hoping for a pass. Hope all you retakers nailed it this time!

I had a strong feeling after the exam… but after couple of days i had some doubts as exam dates has been approached i was kind of muted, you dont know if you passed or failed given the structure of the exam. Till the last minute, i had doubts and then saw the pass email.

Only BSDs feel confident they passed this thing.


still waiting for aug 9th. but when i did two days of mock exams under exam conditions i felt like i didn’t have a clue what was going on and nailed just under 80%. usually get 95%+ so an 80 feels like a fail to me lol

Never happened.

I will tell you in two weeks.

My feeling walking out of level 1 was I passed for sure.

My feeling walking out of level 2 was diminished a bit.

My feeling walking out of level 3 was “hoping” (but at least I finished the AM. The guy sitting beside me left 2 questions blank).

i left some sub questions blank… maybe 20 points (minutes) total but also not confident in many of the questions i did answer… best guess is that I scored around 60-70% but i feel PM was worse for me… looks like ill be very close one way or another

crushed PM, was never sure about AM. anyone who says they crushed AM prob failed

I felt like i crushed AM but got destroyed in PM lol . Game Over for me.

how can you crash AM and get destroyed in PM for God’s sake?

I am just hopeful that I will pass because i was getting around 68-75% in Schweser multiple choice exams and I believe theirs is harder than the real exam.

I think its either a Band 10 or a Pass. I felt ok about both AM (except night mares about that damn 1st questions) and PM but you never know.

I was insanely confident directly after the exam and felt the exam was too easy.

Once these forums opened 2 days later, all my confidence was gone as most of the posts were like “OMG the paper was so tricky, so many tricks, so vague, so tricky, so deceptive zzzzz” and I was like “Ok i’m screwed”

Thankfully, I passed and my break-up matrix reflected my initial confidence.

11 days left. Pass or Band 10 broken heart




I think its almost impossible to nail AM when you got destroyed in PM. Very few people do it. You will be surprised to see your AM results for sure. Pray that you score good in PM