Too f****In tired

What do you guys do when you feel life is throwing random s**t at you ?I guess some of this never has to do with how you respond to it now but how you were brought up,or what stupid decisions you made when you were a teen ,how your parents treated you as a kid etc,

find a bridge, jump

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. - Floyd Mayweather.

go to the tallest place you can find, and throw sht at something

stop being a b!tc4

Go hit balls at the range for an hour. Then get back to work.

I go for a ride on my horse.

Or run with my dog.

Or run with my horse.

or run with the dog on you.

Jump off a one story building. Throw yourself in front of a bicycle.

Search for the bigger picture. Read philosophy.

Realize that everything is transitory: whether it be success or failure.

In the whitewater community we have a great little acronym that’s perfet for situations like this: HTFU.

As a cyclist, please don’t.

And jesus guys, just go get drunk.

Squats brah.

I usually create a new name on AF and start trolling…

but i guess you already did that

I guess the whole thing comes down to this:wife wants to move to US,to pursuee surgery at a respected medical school(she already is an MD) husband(me) wants to grow the business I have(gym) while slowly moving to finance.Of course if either one of us wants to pursuee his/her dream the other has to quit.I guess my only wisdom is I know its far easie to become a BSD Banker/CFO in my own country than in the US.This decision has been draining and depleting my mind so much recently

^ Work out a solution mate. I did something similar, got a promise from my wife that I would work at XYZ place till she completes her PhD, while I used the time to complete all the levels of the CFA program. Then now once she is almost done with her PhD, we are settling down at a new place where I have more opportunities - unfortunately opportunities for her are lesser here.

Life is about compromises, give it first and take it back later :slight_smile:

@sooraj-she is a US citizen,I know for most people out there moving to US like this is a dream come true,I however as said before am growing my business and completing my education to move into perhaps one day becoming a banker/cfo.At US its far far more difficult to reach that point,I guess I have to rule the long distance option out :smiley:

2 things I do when in pain - listen to Churchill speeches and hit the gym, hard

So more seriously from me, as good as a solid weightlifting session goes, nothing releives my stress more than getting a serious cardio workout in with/instead of weights.

I used to know a guy who was killed when a bike messenger in NYC ran into him.