Top 10% men get all the women

FT’s been saying this for a decade now but research has statistically shown that the top 10% of men get their pick of the litter while the bottom 50% are cast into the shadows. Is it safe to say women are more superficial?



wear nice clothes

smell good

be well groomed

work out

Depends on what factors go into determining how men rank. I know many guys that are overweight (not horribly but they’re big dudes) that have beautiful wives. The common theme between the guys? They’re hilarious and awesome to hang out with.

The two rules for a successful life are still valid though:

  1. Be attractive

  2. Don’t be unattractive


I have a good buddy who is quite rotund but he’s hilarious and has a wife who is definitely a 9.5 on looks alone. Unfortunately she is a soul sapping ice queen with zero personality and lives off him like a parasite. I’d gladly take a solid 7 with a personality over someone like that any day. If she can cook and give an enthusiastic gobby then i’ll put a ring on it.

Ive said this like 50 times on here and will continue to. It isnt hard to get a girl better looking than you if you are employed in a decent job, dont live with your parents, shower regularly, groom yourself, have a sense of humor, arent fat, have hobbies. That somehow puts you above at least 50% of the men out there who are fat slobs who live with their parents and troll on the internet.

There are some bottle rat types who go after ballers but MOST WOMEN want a normal guy who isnt gross (read steps above) and isnt a tool and can make them laugh. If you have no luck with women its likely do to one of the thinks I or ohai listed. Work on them and i bet youll get girls.

Im with guyonabuffalo, personality and good looking over a patch of grass and hot. Every hot annoying girl in the world has a dude who cant stand her. Youd just be the next one.

To be fair, if she can accept you riding a buffalo all day she’s probably a keeper

^mb shes the buffalo?

I would tend to agree with this. Many girls say they don’t need money and would do anything for love, but when it comes down to it, they are most attracted to the biggest provider.

I wouldn’t venture to say that all girls do this completely consciously. It comes more out of the need to be a woman, raise a family, and have someone stable who will provide for their needs. In hunter gatherer days, it was the hunter who provided the most food. In modern times, it is the guy who goes out in the corporate world and can pull a good amount of cash while still having time to attend to his wife.


But wait… I would expect that 10% of women also sleep with many more men than the average…

Pareto principle (inverted).

From my experience its the 10%-30% since most dimes are either unapproachable looking or tend to be in more ltr.



Well those are good tips if you were referring to picking up dudes.

The professor himself! Ah how I miss his days on the air in Los Angeles.


Skip to 8:20 for the best breakdown on the topic you will ever hear.


I find it hilarious how butt hurt men get about women gravitating to men with money. We’re animals at the end of the day and we’re hard wired to select mates based on their social standing. As monkeys it was the biggest, hardest mofo they went for as that’s what got you to the top of the tree. So in a capitalist society it’s not really very surprising that wealth is a big determinant. It’s also herding behaviour, if a man has money it’s usually because he’s got something about him.

Anyway, if a woman marries a man solely for his money she will end up earning every single penny.