Top Films about Finance Which one is your favorite and why?


It’s a story about a group of people who raise capital and invest in a project to get eliminate a former customer who has caused them undue economic hardship. Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman play the external consultants, and Gene Hackman is the regulator in charge of the case.


The main character’s last name is Money.

Scarface & Godfather are my favorite finance films

From that list: Trading Places, Wall Street, Smartest Guys in the Room and a distant fourth - Boiler Room.

American Psycho gets a nod since Bateman works in IB.

Debbie Does Dallas was an inspiring film about a young entrepeneur who needed to raise seed capital in order to fulfill the top level of Maslow’s pyramid, a.k.a. self-actualization.

It brought joy to my heart to see a dedicated group of young women banding together to help Debbie realize her ultimate dream.

Most unloved film about finance: The Hudsucker Proxy.

Boiler Room was mad homo.

  1. Bunch of sissy white guys acting hard. One does a line of coke and drops a N bomb in the first 10 min.

  2. Rap music is constantly playing in the background of this movie full of white guys. The only diversity is a black female secretary?! Seth quotes the late Notorious B.I.G. WTF! He must be rolling in his grave.

  3. Ben Afflec is bragging about all his money. He dumps it on a car and has a huge house with nothing in it. Bunch of ballers are watching Wall Street on a Friday night. Now das gangsta!?

  4. One of the bar scenes they are playing dice. I think this is the only time in history white boys played ghetto dice.

  5. The white jew in the movie calls his white coworkers nigger-rich.

  6. The white two jews are fighting over the fat black secretary. Since when do white guys chase the brown chocolate?

And so forth. This movie was just bad all around.

The Taking of Pelham 123

^ You’re my hero Garber.

Many got their start in that movie and moved on to semi stardom. BTW, Affleck’s speech with the interns was classic. One of the best in movie history.

Rogue trader and margin call make my top 2.

american hustle and wolf of wall street are two of my favorite movies.

Were you born in 2013?


While Wolf of Wall Street was extremely entertaining, Margin Call is def my top finance movie. Most accurate portrail of modern risk managment / corporate ideals / and organization roles that I can think of that has ever been put to film.

I agree, didn’t care for that movie at all.

I agree. I liked it

Ben’s speach was a ripoff of Baldwin’s speach in Glen Garry Glen Ross.