I would be surprised if all these mother**** won’t go to jail.

did you lose your wood when you found out it was consentual?

Why would they go to jail?

Waaaay better coverage:


Why are some people so obsessed with rape type threads ?

“A bunch of football players went into a room with a girl and had sex with her, and a bunch of the football players were suspended,” student Alex Bailey told WBBH. "So we might not have a football team this year."

LMAO. Way to get to the heart of the matter, Alex.

Why would they go to jail? What is the felony related to teensex?

I guess expulsion from school might be justified though.

this is priceless.

Kinda interesting though. I mean, if the school found two teenagers going at it in the back of the library, would they face expulsion? That would seem extreme.

Or, you have one girl servicing a bunch of guys. Each guy only had sex once, presumably, so he’s no different than the theoretical couple in the library. The girl, on the other hand, had sex about two dozen times in a single day.

Assuming the school hands down a more severe punishment for an act done multiple times vs a single time, I’d say the football players get a minimal punishment and the girl should be expelled.

Of course, that would be slut shaming and America would be outraged.

How do you have sex with 25 people in a row and not die?

^you obviously haven’t seen the Houston 500.

Sometimes the totality of the incidence must be considered. This school will forever be known as the gangbang school now. So, the consequences of each individual act grows exponentially, not linearly. Thus, severe punishment is appropriate to deter future acts. About the slut shaming… is it ok if the girl is actually a slut?

I guess you guys haven’t read the update to the story… http://kfor.com/2016/05/26/mom-says-girl-recorded-having-sex-in-school-bathroom-was-victim-of-human-trafficking/

Interesting take. The school should probably bring in the Algebra II teacher to help figure this out.

that last part…LOL

this is the best thing i’ve seen this month from the internet

on a side note, anyone think it’s funny/interesting that it’s always atush to bring this kind of stuff up? poor guy is stuck all the way over in newfoundland looking up stories about questionable moral choices. day in day out

I think this may be on the level of GoT theories but could it be A = RR? As in Atush is Rahul?


I was actually thinking the girl might need a psych evaluation if she actually consented.