A classic AF topic. Well done.

She was so dumb that she didn’t use condom…


Only face pics, pass.

From my brief experience with online dating years ago, when a woman only posts pics of chest and up, it’s a trap!

The kid only did a teacher and not sexy principal or superintendent, so it’s hacksaw.

^ Yeah, but according to her they did it daily and he did knock her up, so some points for that.

Her parents were supportive of the relationship and pregnancy… wtf


I saw that article and thought “I wonder how long it will take before this gets posted on AF.”

I should have wondered “How long will it take until Atush posts this on AF.”

^ In fairness to atush, I considered posting it yesterday and then changed my mind.

Atush is using his IT skills to mine material for the Common AF Man.

When a 13-year old kid bangs a Bengals cheerleader, the world thinks, “Oh, the horror! How dare she take advantage of, and abuse that poor child!”

I think, “Lucky m--------r gets to bang an NFL cheerleader at 13.”

Poor kid got a broken wrist from all the high-fives he got afterwards.

South Park got it right.


10 seconds. Every kid has this dream where he wants to nail a hot chick during puberty. I thought he should get noticed by smartest people on the earth.


My main takeaway from all this thread: “No matter how attractive they are on FB, remarkably few people look good in their mugshots.”

(I do know there’s a page showing people with attractive mugshots… however, those seem to be the exceptions that prove the rule…)

that haricut got him laid?..making appointment to barber asap