Total study time - whole program

Hi all

Curious to see how much total study time people used to complete the program. I start myself:

L1 Dec 2012 : 250

L2 June 2013: 350

L3 June 2014: 450

Total: 1000 hours

I’d probably be around 1,000 as well. So much opportunity cost…

I’d Say between 900 hours 1,350 is ideal…

I’m a very slow reader. So far im around:

L1 - 400

L2 - 500

And expect to do 500 for L3 to make sure I pass.

most people fail 1 level, so double of those study years

About 350 each for L1 and L2. Plan on doing about the same for L3.

About 1200 for me.

1500hrs for L1, 1000hrs for L2, I’ll be spending at least 1000hrs for L3


I think I spent ~1300 hours. That includes failing L2 once.

^^ Trolling?

One of these days, your parents are going to expect you to move out…

I am from non financial background, I wrote level 1 in dec 2013, level 2 in June 2014. I’m currently preparing for level 3

I spent 6000 hours on L1, 8000 on L2 and plan on 10,000 hours for L3

I also come from non-financial background and that is just absurd

not even remotely beleivable so not funny

I can kinda understand a thousand hours for L1, if you count all the finance/accounting/econ/statistics courses that you took in college. But after L1, I don’t get it.

You got your results at the end of January. So from Feb 1 to June 1, you spent 1000 hours studying. That’s about eight hours a day, every day, seven days a week, right up until test day. Am I right?

Or suppose that you started studying the day after you took L1. That’s only 5.5 hours a day every day for six months straight.

It was kinda funny lol

You have the right not to believe and am out to convince you, I started studying exactly two days after L1 exam. 5.5hrs a day is nothing to me, I can actually spend more than that.


At $25 an hour that is close to 100k missed right there… what is your estimate of return on this?