TRADERS: 100k + bonus

why is a trader’s job so stressful?

because when you trade size and the market moves all over the place you can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars before you blink your eyes. as a junior person a lot is going on at once and the mistakes you make can cause the desk money which means you get yelled at/potentially fired if you keep messing up. so the pressure to perform is always on

also your pay check are not fixed. one month you are baller and other month you are broke.

that is not true, sell side is salary plus year end bonus and every buyside role ive seen is the same. im not talking prop shop here where you get nothing and are expected to contribute your own capital

arbitageur Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > investment analysts at a hedge fund doesnt make > that much Yes, they do. Most make significantly more.

I disagree but who cares. Investment analysts at a hedge fund make more. Fine by me.