Trump engaged in 'perverted sexual acts' monitored by Russia

Buzzfeed news…

Seems legit.

These guys are playing with fire. Scorched earth is a bad strategy.

EDIT: the ‘de-legitimize Trump’ crowd in the political establishment i mean.

saw foxnews in the link and was like surprise

speaking of fox news why they keep getting sued over there?

if true, Trump what would the repercussions be? I cant imagine Trump would be allowed to take office or would be impeached almost immediately.

If false does it mean the political career of McCain is over as he apparently passed the info along

Honestly I hope its true, what a crazy defining political moment it would be. Also pretty scary how well the Russians would have played us. I assume its untrue until more info is released, but crazy enough all together.

Funny how all the Trump people are claiming people trying to de legitimize the election are “playing with fire” thats one of the exact cards Trump was playing up to the election. Lets just wait til the facts come out and make judgements

i assume that is directed at me. let me ask you, do you think everything that could have gotten out on hillary, obama, et al saw the light of day?

Looks like your battle with self is going well.

I used your quote for effect, but it wasnt specifically directed at you. Trumpers in general, on here and reddit are reacting the same way.

Certainly not everything was brought to light on everyone, but with the chain rattling you did for every little HRC release I should only think it safe that you are a person who prefers more disclosure over less. Why not investigate this, if true its certainly Treason. Directly collaborating with a foreign govt to subvert the american political process? But it was just locker room talk!

I feel that if people are able to tolerate previous Trump news, they will be largely indifferent towards this…

And for full disclosure, I had no problem with the wikileaks of HRCs emails, I just found them to be uninteresting.

Its not about having sex with prostitutes (we all knows hes an adulterer) its about undermining the american political process for the benefit of the russian govt

Media has no credibility on anything election related.

pics or it didn’t happen

entirely possible its bs. why not look into it and know for sure?

you’re putting words in my mouth, please refrain. i simply identified what is behind this news piece and stated my opinion that it is a bad strategy to continue to try and delegitimize trump given their strategic position. as i’ve stated at every turn, i am a dispassionate observer of all this.

^ was your account hacked by a russian propaganda person for the last month or so before the election?

Apparently McCain gave it to the FBI, so no blaming the liberal media. Big if true. It looks like Don the Con may have managed to break one of the only laws defined in the Constitution: providing aid or support to the enemy. If not treason then espionage.

“Welp, at least the left is taking the loss well” (wakes up to #goldengate) (lights computer on fire)