Trump Tweets Video of Him Body Slamming ‘CNN’

This was really sent out by the President of the US? This… this is the best day in history.

Love it! Not tired of winning yet, Mr. President!

So much winning!!!

It’s kind of shocking to have a male presence in the WH after an 8 year absence. Zzzzzzzzzzing!

It’s just another great day for those who get off on making fun of what America stands for, certainly.

This crap isn’t entertainment. There are real world consequences when the supposed leader of the free world isn’t qualified to lead your homeowner’s association.

Teenage male

I’m really really really really really really curious, I mean really curious , do you find this acceptable ? If so, could you please enlighten me ?

Trump has been non PC from day 1. Are you really surprised?

US political rhetoric is, in its essence, already hateful, divisive, and misleading. The fact that most politicians are able to dress up their statements in polite language does not remove this fact. In fact, public messages are most harmful when they are considered to be acceptable discourse, but hide ideas that corrupt and polarize voters’ political views over time.

It is quite simplistic for Trump voters to support him because he “tells it like it is”. However, they are 100% correct. Would you rather have Trump announce a blatant Muslim ban, which becomes widely protested and appealed, or a series of incomprehensible measures that serve roughly the same purpose but are obfuscated enough that public protest never arises? Trump’s behavior is unpresidential, but maybe that is better than perpetuating a polished multi billion dollar marketing system that poisons our politics, causes us to slowly accept the unacceptable, and effects subtle harm over many years.

Trump is the best President for the US at the moment, even if it is for an unintended reason. Everything he does is just an exaggeration of real political dysfunction. In this example, he portrays a certain entity as an enemy to demonstrate his own righteousness. However, politicians already did this. Muslims, liberals, fat cat bankers, welfare recipients, gays, have all been accused of corrupting morals, endangering the country, or not contributing their fair share - all before Trump. Sometimes, a cartoon like in the New Yorker can help illustrate deep issues. The ugly orange face of Trump is our own, and its time we stopped our denial and had a good long look at it.

Hes still not getting sh i t done.

^ what he said.

Oh no, I meant to agree with ohai

Every once in a while Ohai throws down some legit truth bombs. This is one of those times. Respect.

I find it acceptable. The clip shows that he’s taking on his problem (fake/fraud news) head on and winning, big league. A fine role model for adults and children alike!

Let’s put this in perspective. Other world leaders steal assets from their country’s resources, kill without reason, and commit war crimes.

Trump makes a 4 sec parody and he is not fit for presidency?

Obama wanted to shut down Fox News for 8 years. Trump made a parody.

I agree with Ohai. I’m actually glad Trump is terrible at being effective in government. A more talented politician could have tapped into this sentiment and done much more damage. Even Trump without the self sabotage would be way more dangerous IMO

people are so f u cking gullible. How many times has he done this and you still bite. Get a clue dipsh!ts. Step one: acknowledge that trump is a lot smarter and tactically gifted than you’re willing to admit.

fooled by randomness

Or you can acknowledge that hes a lot less intelligent/tactically gifted than you’re willling to admit.