Trump Wins!

It’s already set in stone. Time to dance in the streets!

Seems a bit aggressive? We’ll see how the predicitons turn out. Sadly presidential prediction models seem to be about as important as a TV Analyst stock picks, and a weather mans forcast. You can be wrong as often as you want and nothing happens.

except this model has only been wrong once in 104 years.

The logic behind his model does makes sense, will be interesting to see how his prediciton pans out relative to others. \

I am waiting to see FiveThirtyEights prediction as they have been very close as they update daily. Nate silver killed it predicting the 2008 election almost to the exact popular vote percentages (and 50 of 51 states + DC) and in 2012 got every state & DC correct.

Has the model been running for 104 years or is it a new model being back-tested? Because if it’s the latter then that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

most likely back tested, but it must be based on a priori information. not sure how long it’s been used in real time to predict the next outcome.

Yea I was going to mention that but didn’t. If your model doesnt predict past known events you did a pretty terrible job. I looked at his 08 prediction and he wasnt very close when it came to popular vote %.

I would be interested to see how his models forward looking predictions did throughout time. I saw he was right in 08 & 12 (didnt see his % prediction for 12 so I cant comment on how close he was)

Model predicts probability of 97-99% lol Well that’s all folks, hillary you can give up now and go stand trial for those emails since your dem friends don’t have to "do what’s right for the party anymore:. Cruz,you’re going to be alone for a while since your own party now hates you even more, rubio just think what Obama would do if he lost and just do that. Sanders, move to the Netherlands I think you’ll be happy there. Carson, stay in medicine, you’ve been a bumbling weirdo sideshow in this election

My model predicts with 100% probability that our next president will be President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

OMG! Idiocracy… it’s coming true!

I have *great* relationship with the computers. Even the computers love me! I’ve been working with computers for decades now and they are always so reliable! Except the fruity ones with the rainbow colors and everything. Have you ever seen such a wimpy-looking computer.

My own line of Trump computers are the best. The *best* I tell ya. Solid gold contacts can’t be beat. When I’m president, we’re going to have Trump computers counting every vote from Main Street to Capitol Hill. We’re going to get things done, and you guys are going to love it!

He doesn’t look 104 years old in his picture, so I’m thinking back-tested.

^^ You forgot that we’re going to win. Win so much that people will get tired of winning.

Can’t wait for the innauguration. It’s gonna be Yuge!

Can’t wait for Bloomberg to jump in. Golden chance for him!

Pinnacle Sports has it at:

Winner of 2016 US Presidential General Election?

Hillary Clinton -144

Field (all other candidates) +123

Winner of 2016 US Presidential General Election?

Donald Trump +258

Field (all other candidates) -315

2016 Republican Nominee will be?

Donald Trump -255

Field (all other candidates) +212

Put that in your stand-up act.

would 100% go see a bchad performance of that

Best book on the planet. Unfortunately, don’t accept U.S. residents any longer. Lines are tight. Vig is minimal. In the heyday of offshore books arbitrage was everywhere, and pinnacle always let you play. Their algorithms took care of their risk. They didn’t care if you were a sharp. Beautiful times. Oh, Diaz next weekend is a great bet. So much cash is going on Conor, the line is getting skewed. Conor opened as a slight favorite. He’s demanding -400 now.

Anybody see John Oliver’s segment on Trump last night? Definitely one of his better ones.