try this ethic q

A CFA Institute member works for Secure Securities, Inc., and plays rugby on the firms rugby team. Secure Securities team recently played the team of a rival firm. During the game, a fight broke out and the CFA Institute member was the instigator, but no one was seriously hurt. Is this a violation of I(A) concerning maintaining knowledge and complying with laws, rules, and regulations? A) Yes, because the member could have hurt someone in the fight. B) Yes, because the member is bound by the Code of Ethics. C) No, because a fight at a rugby game is not a professional activity. D) No, because no one was seriously hurt.

I’m going with C.


c for me too they try to dissasociate more and more professional conduct with what you do outside

gotta be C (but …maybe being on the company team and instigating the fight might be against professionalism standards??)

c and i’d blame cfa institute for causing such aggression within their members by making them take the level 2 exam i tell u, i feel sorry for the soccer players im playing this summer

fighting is not a felony -is it?

aladak after the exam we have the european championship going on!!!


who are they playing on June 7th? we are in their group by we I mean romania. the death group

I will go with Team-AF here. C for me too!

these are the june 7 matches 1 Grp A Switzerland 18:00 Czech Republic Basel - St. Jakob-Park 2 Grp A Portugal 20:45 Turkey Geneva - Stade de Genève

yes romania france 9th of june

zidan’s gone right?

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If Zidane’s gone, then who will be doing the headbutt in that match?

focus people focus… we’re talking ethics here…not sports! I’d go with C too…but yet another gut feeling says that has a high chance of NOT being the answer… thing is the question asks is it a violation of I(A) - concerning maintaing knowledge of the law and complying with rules regulations etc…Nothing in the question leans towards that…

B? The rugby team is a social event organised by work. I am not sure after all…

This one is C, CFA members are allowed to fight!!