Trying to break the record this weekend...

I will be setting up shop at Pinkman’s Sweatshop tonight in an effort to break my own records for both consecutive hours of studying and most hours ever put in over a weekend. I am actually genuinely excited for being shut off from the world for the next 60 or so hours. We are actually thinking about getting t-shirts made to commemorate this marathon. If I’m still alive on Monday, I’ll post pictures and a review. Best wishes to everyone…I’ll see you on the other side!


60 hours??? in 2 days?? how does that happen?? good luck though!!

do it ! do it! do it!

I might even set up a video blog. Just a warning; I’m planning to wear the event t-shirt all weekend and possibly not showering or changing. Things could get disgusting…fast. But for those that know me, living dangerously is the zimzim way!

60 hours in 2 days… I always knew zim and pink lived in some parallel universe where time is compressed.

zim, i suggest you start with quant.

I am taking this long weekend off.

Surely you jest.

the law of diminishing returns will kick in about 10 hours in. I have $10 that says you only remember 10% of what you studied after the first 10 hours on Monday.

This thread is the best thing that happened to me this week, Thanks Zim! … Actually I am still laughing…rofl

budfox427 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > the law of diminishing returns will kick in about > 10 hours in. that’s what I was thinking about too. I typically don’t study for more than 3 hours (4 hours max). Can’t retain much after that.

Remember that dimishing returns are just that…diminishing. They don’t go to zero. For those of us forced to study long hours, if the return is greater than zero, than it is better than not studying at all. Not efficient, but time constaints are dictating now.

how about studying for 2-3 hours at full potential…take a break and repeat?? That sounds a little more intelligent. But what do I know.

I am sure you know quite a bit! Breaks would be better for sure. Studies have proved it. I just can’t imagine how I am even going to find the time to revise all the material, let alone have any time for decent breaks.

Make sure to take a 15 minute break for every 45 minutes of studying. It has always helped me to both avoid burn out and increase retention of the material.

Wow…not really sure what to make of zimzim and the pinkman locking themselves in for the weekend. Zimzim leaving (from pinkman’s apt) for work Monday morning, “I wish I knew how to quit you, pinkman”.

Theres no point in “cramming” hours upon hours…the brain needs rest. Even if you are tight for time, remember to take a break. This isn’t a college course - there is a lot of material to understand conceptually. Cramming hours upon hours leads to lack of retention, anxiety…and that really annoying “I just looked at this material 10 minutes ago, how come I can’t remember it” feeling. Obviously, I’m putting in a lot of work this weekend - but quality studying - prob three or four 2-3 hours sessions both days. If I wake up around 6-7, which im used to, i’ll get everything done around 8-9pm. That leaves me time to have a few beers and chill out. Plus, I don’t get stressed.

i’m on the zimzim/pink-train. i will take breaks, but i plan to put in a solid 8 hours both days. 60… not so much. even with diminishing returns, at this point it’s time to suck it up and push on through. take the “rehab is for quitters” attitude. i’m with zimmmmm and i LOVE carbombs.

zim zim and pinkman…sitting in a Tee K—I---S—S---I—N---G (that’s the 10-year old in me bursting out!)