Turkey Coup

This happened fast: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36809083 Army says they’re running the show.


Crazy story, hope anyones family there is safe. From some opinions online this happens every so often in Turkey when the government gets too hardline, any truth to that?

There is truth to that 100%. Problem is today’s middle east is very different from the time these so called coops took effect often.

Certainly, cant imagine the US (and other) governments arent happy to see this with how Erdogan has behaved



hey folks, heard it here first… on AF

The army stood in defense of Kemal Pasha Ataturk state.

Seems that we live in interesting times indeed.

See. This is why the police need to be militarized.

Nothing to see here…move along.

At what point does a coup actually become successful? Let’s say, for instance, I launch a coup against the US government, and my army locks all the government guys out of Washington DC. So I say, “now my coup is successful”. Then Obama says “no, not still not recognized”. Is there just some long awkward silence or what.

Well that was interesting. Everyone seems to think it was faked based on the fact there are reports that 2 fighter jets were behind Erdogans plane and didnt take him out (which would be the obvious first move in a coup) and the fact that the next day Erdogan had a list of thousands of people to arrest. Reading comparisons to the nazi Night of Long Knives (fake event used to round up political enemies)

That would be extremely diabolical. It does seem strange that such a small, easily crushed segement of the military would rise up.

Is it just me, or is the idea of a “Turkey Coop” kinda funny?

Don’t know if anybody else read it that way or not.

When you de facto control of the country it is successful.

Not sure exactly how small that segment was, or what actually happened. If he planned it or not he is certainly using it to consolidate power and push the country even further towards being an Islamic country as opposed to a secular one

Maybe they thought straight up murdering the president would not be good for getting international support. Yeah that list sounds sketchy. However, I would think a guy like Erdogan probably already has a list of enemies or the Turkey version of the CIA watch list.

Fake. First thing the military would have done is take control of the major airports. Might not have murdered the guy, but certainly would of had guns on the plane as soon as it landed. And no way he would have flown back so quickly if it he wasn’t in control.

^ also the coup did not have a leader in the old school coup sense.