Types of People You Can't Trust

  1. Americans who have never had a cheese burger
  2. Anyone who has never had a pet
  3. Guys on TV shows named Chad



we have a winner here

@2xMan - I’m surprised lawyers didn’t make the list.

guys who dont wear a belt with pants

I’m always a little bit skeptical of those who don’t drink, or can’t drink socially. at my age (low 20s), people who can’t drink socially normally have an addictive/hot/cold personality that spills over to other areas of life.

i’ve met only a few, memorable individuals who don’t drink at all for which i have the utmost of respect for, but these indivudals are all 40+

i think the younger guys have some sh*t to figure out about themselves before they fully get it together

People who drive white mini vans.

Mexican day laborers.

People with non-Christian names.

the guy who doesn’t hold the elevator for people nor does he hold the door for women. that guy.

Trust with what?

You guys confuse not trusting with not liking.

People I don’t trust.

  1. Anyone trying to sell me something.

  2. People with 2 first names, ie John Micheal.

  3. Liberals/Democrats/Obama Voters.

  4. People who bleed for 5 days yet don’t die.

That’s about it.

Ain’t no black people in Minnesota cept Prince and Kirby Puckett (RIP).

two first names? or a first a last name that is two first names?

how about John Michael Thomas?

Both. Also people with a roman numeral after their last name. Mike Scott III

  1. Americans that have never traveled outside the U.S.

  2. Immigrants that do not bother to learn english or assimilate in any way

  3. Doctors that insist on you calling them Dr.

  4. Lawyers that use Esq. in their signature

  5. People that don’t make eye contact

Anybody that tells you how great of a Christian they are and how much they love the Lord. Anytime you hear somebody give their testimony, hold onto your wallet.

(Note - I’m a professed Christian.)

I really like some of the additions haha :smiley:

Like that damn Trivago guy…