Ultimate solutions for used/old textbooks!!

I know there were other posts on “what do do with old CFI texts and study guides” but I have checked the database, the last one was posted over a year ago and I though it’s worth starting a new one again.

So i have still boxes of study guides and mock exams at home, and just when i thought i got rid of some when i moved, i found more hiding behind my shoes in storage. I am now really needing the space and I don’t think i will EVER use the textbooks again.

This is what I have decided to do, I will take all the books out, take a picture for memory’s sake, as well i want to post these pictures online and ask if anyone wants to pick them up for free. I will keep the post up for a week? And see if i can get rid of majority of them (some are quite old so i don’t suppose people want them?)

And the rest i will just recycle!!

Although, i recently read a newspaper article on an artist turning old books into sculptures. I have a sudden urge to make art pieces out of the textbooks. I don’t think i can do carvings like these: http://www.guylaramee.com/

But i think i can do other things with them, like accessories!

So i did some research and there are people out there who are already making accessories out of old books and postcards:



What did you do with your old books and what other creative things you can think of to utilize all these papers!!??



They are still sitting on my shelf, over 5 years later.

They also sit on my shelf at work… I referenced them twice last year, random stuff and the interns sometimes borrow one to thumb though, to see what lies ahead.

You have all the space in Canada, but i don’t~

So i need to get rid of them because i also don’t warm worms to start to grow in them…

I guess in your case, they can be kept at work but sooner or later, your books will be so old they will need to be replaced by newer books by other members in your office right?

True. We are 30 times bigger than Japan but with 4 times less people.

I want to live in a big house but i don’t know what to do with the space.

^ hoard. Have a garage sale twice a year, demand way too much for the junk then bring it back into the house when it doesn’t sell. Repeat again the next year. That’s pretty much what people in my area do.

CFA books are a tough sell though!

How many CFA candidates are there in your area??

i think they’ll make excellent target practice for long-range rifles =)

Too many. But then again I don’t really see the need to have last year’s books if you already enrolled to this year’s test. Also, I don’t find other people’s notes too useful. Then again, I am probably one of the few uncommon folk on this board who actually read CFAI end to end for all 3 levels.


Which neighbourhood do you live where there are MANY CFA candidates?

Even in New York, i wouldn’t say in any one particular area there would be a lot of candidates concentrated, at least not that i know of…

the only place i can think of is perhaps close to a university??

Coffee shop close to a university.

Throw a stone and you’ll hit a CFA candidate or someone who’s attempted it in Toronto/GTA.

I exaggerate a bit, but its very common here.

many! GTA.

I hear in the GTA that cab drivers now enrol too.

Most CFA candidates per capita according to Torontonians.

not just candidates, charterholders too apparently. It’s ridiculously saturated.

That’s because there’s nothing else to do in Canada during the winter.

Go to any library or starbucks in the GTA starting Feband you’ll see young guys with schwesers. I was riding the subway a few days before the Dec exam and the girl beside me was feverishly trying to study stats. It’s actually silly how many people write this exam in Toronto. Pretty glad I’ll never have to go to the exam site that day in June. Hell-ish experience every time.

Former Trader, where are you located?