Uncle Joe taken down by some loud mouth?



“I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified,” Flores wrote, adding that she wondered why the then-vice president had come that close to her. “He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked. I was confused.”

"Even if his behavior wasn’t violent or sexual, it was demeaning and disrespectful,

Betting odds dropped Biden from the frontrunner to #3 for the Democratic nomination, based on some uncorroborated accusation of inappropriate behavior that was probably not even meant to be sexual or demeaning. Biden is not a pervert, nor does he have a history of disrespecting women - he just does goofy stuff sometimes. We are now fully subscribing to the politics of over reaction.

Well, joey-boy might as well retire now. The supreme social media court will promptly sentence him to be burned at the stake.

#metoo #imasurvivor

Lol bro since when is it cool to kiss people’s forehead. But assuming she is a Democrat’s, it’s pretty stupid to bring this negative attention to your party.

Maybe she is a Bernie Sanders supporter, or maybe she just wants to cash in on this attention.

The source of this video is definitely biased, but the clips are real. Dude is more than creepy. Stomach turning is more accurate. Thinking a few dads would happily be arrested for battery.


There’s similar videos of him all the way back from 2014. How did the #metoo movement overlook them? What a creepy dude.

I thought I was going to get sucked into a classic Turdhole, but those clips in that video were legitimately hard to watch. At first I was treating this whole thing as a classic overreaction, but now legitimately weirded out by the guy.

My god, the Democrat pedo predatory circle is real, and it is stronger than I could ever have imagined. Forgive me, Turd. I was the one who reported your manifesto to the FBI. Even when you planted your DNA evidence in your brother in law’s car and he was waterboarded for 4 hours, you never stopped believing in the mission. I realize the truth now. We never should have doubted you.

Which would a politician rather have in the public domain:

A) The above montage


B) A proclamation about what women let you do if you’re a celebrity

Which one may be criminal?


Miss the days when Comedy Central was funny.

There is nothing funny about that montage though. That is seriously sick.

Interesting the company that the last president keeps, very sad! He has no chance vs a honorable and dignified man like President Trump!

Gotta watch the video. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1113862077842640898

these stories/pics/videos of creepy joe biden fondling women (and pre-pubescent girls) aren’t new. They were posted and discussed on conservative news sites at the time the incidents occured but the mainstream media ignored them

My favorite one was creepy joe biden fondling a cop’s leg

people seem to think bernie is behind these pictures resurfacing

There’s also a video somewhere of Jeff Sessions being sworn in to the Senate by Biden. When Biden goes for Sessions’ granddaughter, Sessions swats his hand away.


^ First comment on that video:

“Why hasnt joe biden’s extremely disturbing behavior ever been addressed in the media or acknowledged??”

It’s pretty clear the media has an agenda. That could not have been more clear during the last presidential election and after he got elected.

Biden a pedo! Trump a rapist! What’s worst?

Who did he rape? I remember the thing about the ex-wife, but she cleared his name years ago saying he did not…

There’s actually a whole wikipedia article on this.


Is that the right link? Only mentions the ex-wife thing regarding rape. Talks about some harassment allegations as well.

haha i love how one of the statements was “you cant rape your spouse”. thots on this?