Uncle Joe taken down by some loud mouth?

A little bit of effort would have found you this.


So the ex-wife and a 13 year old in 1994. Claim was filed in 2016. Keep them coming. Must have been when the fetish exposed by the dossier began. Says Trump tied up the 13 year old…

It appears that Biden’s behavior isn’t sexual. It appears that Trump’s is.

I’d consider that a difference.

And their agenda appears to be to distinguish between sexual behavior an nonsexual behavior.

Seems like an appropriate agenda to me.

The agenda was obviously suppressing any news that may make Obama look bad.

Well then it must be true.


No disagreements on Bill from me. The elite are very good at avoiding jail, turns out an army of lawyers are pretty useful.

Edit: Although I find it kinda funny that you’re creating an either or scenario. Just because Trump did/didn’t do something doesn’t mean someone else did/didn’t do something. Next you’re going to say both are innocent because Bill Cosby is in jail.

Although you’re not the only one to use the “Clinton did it too, therefore Trump is innocent” defense.


It seems the two are being treated a bit unequally by the media on their respective allegations. People like to say, oh yeah, no disagreement, but they only seem to repeatedly bring up one of the two. Just saying this appears to be one of those situations where it’s vogue for people who were broadly fine with Slick Willy’s boy’s will be boys antics for 20 years (and cheer a former candidate who’s still touring with, aligned with and supporting Bill) to feign outrage because it aligns with their political interests. That said, allegations need to be proven and that’s the world we operate in.

Similarly I’m up here listening to coworkers vomit about how sickening this is, but when it comes time to support their favorite MAGA hat wearing idiot savant QB and the team owned by a human trafficking sex offender who never saw a day in jail as long as he admitted he did it, they seem to be all for it. That’s all this manufactured outrage amounts to anymore is people transparently pretending to be on some moral high ground when it conveniently suits their POV. Then they can’t figure out why nobody’s listening.

But you only mention ‘feigned outrage’ when someone posts something about Trump, not when this thread was originally created. That “That’s all this manufactured outrage amounts to anymore is people transparently pretending to be on some moral high ground when it conveniently suits their POV” is what you choose to say when I post Trump’s accusations, not when Biden’s was posted.

Why do you think that’s the case? Do you think nobody should be listening to Bill’s accusations either?

Nobody was outraged when this was made. It’s Ohai for starters and we were making fun of the situation. He literally said, " Biden is not a pervert, nor does he have a history of disrespecting women - he just does goofy stuff sometimes. We are now fully subscribing to the politics of over reaction."

In your weak attempt to construct something vaguely resembling a point, you’re just making mine for me.

And I don’t know about Bill’s accusers, I only brought it up because you took a pretty narrow perspective there. Who knows with either one and by that I literally mean, who knows? But they’re both so far back and without proof that realistically neither one amounts to anything substantial and I do believe in settling things in actual court, not public opinion. But if people are going to pretend to be outraged, they should be consistent and not just suddenly freaking out after 20 years of laughing off slick willy’s boy’s club (and paying to hear him speak) when it conveniently suits their transparent motive.

I’m not one who made signs and shouted “BELIEVE ALL WOMEN!” I’m just a deplorable!

trump literally says he grabs women by the pussy. he said its ok cuz hes a celebrity! lol

joe biden asks, can i take a picture with her, and how old is she. at least he is asking if she is of age. he is clearly trying to make sure he is in the right side of the law!

although pedos are gross. i feel that biden is joking! as he is doing it very publicly. trump however thought he was having a 1 on 1 convo! so clearly trump prolly meant what he said. i wonder how many pussies trump has grabbed


Uhhh, that isn’t what happened at all lol. Someone asked for info regarding Trump’s accusations of assault, and I posted it.

Uhhh, it’s exactly what happened, quotes and all lol.

Joey B going for the presidential bid. Wonder if this stuff will surface during the battle

Biden is going to F up, especially if he decides to play dirty with Trump. He means well but is a goofball and is largely perceived as a knockoff Obama.

Yeah, he’s not ready.

the guy has had a rough ass adulthood though. I know you BSD’s are alpha and don’t give a sht, but at least have some empathy for the man who lost both his children and wife in tragic ways.

What? Lol? What does any of this have to do with the price of tea in China? It doesn’t change anything we said and I don’t owe anything to some rando I never met.