Uncle Joe taken down by some loud mouth?

So family members die is the qualification to be President? I think you confuse this with how to become a Sith Lord, brah.

It’s a lot better than the current Sith Lord. How was your tax return this year? Better or worse? Our budget is definitely not any better. I think we have a a half a trilllion more in deficits.

I don’t remember saying that. Brah.

Why you guys assume prediction of outcome equates to support of candidate? I just do not think Biden will win against Trump. He is weird, not particularly charismatic, and doesn’t have any signature policy. Even Democrats support him out of reluctance, rather than genuine enthusiasm.

People don’t like Trump as a person, but as long as the economy is doing well, most will overlook this, just like they did in 2016. Nery, don’t tell me you actually care if Trump is a groper. 10k guy himself brought up irrelevant stuff then accuse others of taking things in odd directions.

Since you asked, I actually paid slightly less tax in 2018, despite loss of local tax deduction. This is because the previous law had unfair schedules for married filers that needlessly penalized two income households.

No chance Biden wins after what Obama tried to do to divide and destroy the country. The American people don’t want to experience anything like that again.

maybe you didnt max out your itemized deduction properly before. also if ur a renter then it wouldnt hurt as bad. the prop tax and state tax combination cap is double the loss for homeowners.

also i dont really care if someone is a groper unless they are near people i love. out of sight out of minddddd. but anyways i think what trump said was taken out of context. its just how some guys talk when they brag about their conquests. i actually think its pretty cool we got a president who banging porn stars. much like that italian guy.

but i dont like trump because he increased the deficit while he increased my taxes by cutting down what i can claim as a deduction. he also wants to waste money on a wall. and is largely a controversial figure and a joke at the world stage.

Most people paid less taxes, people are conflating returns with total taxes paid, which is idiotic. As is confusing a $20B wall with a $4.4T federal budget.

And for the record, I like Biden more than Trump (although little known about his policy stances). To Ohai’s point, I’m just objectively looking at likely outcomes.

In my view this torrent of complaints against Biden is a deliberate attempt to throw the kitchen sink at him very early when it doesn’t matter. National media (other than Fox) are an extension of the Democratic party, so they calculate (correctly) that if they throw all the dirt on him now, they will immunize him for later in the process when such accusations could be damaging. The elections being a year and a half away and the news cycle 24 hours long, nobody is going to remember these complaints come November 2020. I recall that the media was also investigating Hillary’s private email server beginning 2015 and throughout 2016 was keeping shtum, except when forced to by Comey.

While it is true that these media outlets are generally pro traditional Democrat, I don’t think they are running some calculated scheme as described above.

In fact, NYT op eds have tended to attack the extreme left as being divisive to the party. Where they cover criticism of Biden, it seems to be mostly direct coverage of what other candidates have said. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others are starting to accuse Biden of being not pro-worker and not left enough. The news simply quotes these competing candidates.

Regarding Biden’s weird touching behavior, newspapers just interviewed people related to this issue. The timing is because Lucy Florez just happened to “come clean” at this point. She is a Bernie supporter. Her political goal, if any, would probably have been to discredit Biden.

haha that is true for the most part. But i actually paid more taxes, and it’s cuz I have far less deductions. Anyways our budget deficit is still a trillion, an increase of 500b.

Lol 20b is small compared to everything, but there is no benefits excerpt to promote his political agenda. It’s still a waste of money and an even bigger waste of time.

Yet you love the military (a massive budget waste) for giving jobs to the bottom of the barrel (like construction) and to your point, massive deficits are not a new thing (see Obama). Point is, nothing to see here. Sure, wall is a waste and an empty policy point for the right, just as using it to signify a $4T budget is a waste and empty policy point.

no love for the military. just massive respect for them like regular people. wouldnt want to trade places! they work crazy hours, though admittedly for useless tasks. imo we can cut it by half and still be ok. anyways a strong military is a good deterrrent. so theres a lot of positive externalities we arent considering. best way to use miltiary is to go raiding. viking style. thats not what we did though! sad.

you are right though. deficit has always been an issue. but the difference is, you would think with republicans we would see it decline since that is what they talk about. they need to put money where their mouth is and cut funding. im not saying lets have them raise taxes, thats the dems job.


I agree about cutting, I’m not defending Trump’s policies as good, I’m saying on the whole its not all that worse from what people have turned a blind eye to for decades. Trillions of dollars bombing sand dunes in the mid east.